Starting last May 26, players can purchase an Arctic Crate from the Mafia Wars Marketplace. One crate is priced at twelve Reward Points or three crates for a discounted price of 35 Reward Points. An Arctic Crate can’t be gifted to others.

If you want to take a stab at getting good items then head to the Marketplace and purchase one. You have 60 percent chance to loot Common items, 30 percent chance for Uncommon items, and 10 percent chance for Rare items.

Common Items include:

Ice Pick (22 Attack, 35 Defense)
Snow Shoes (36 Attack, 21 Defense)
Penguin Aquacraft (36 Attack, 25 Defense)

Uncommon Items include:

Glacier (42 Attack, 25 Defense)
Immersion Suit (28 Attack, 44 Defense)
Polar Bear (43 Attack, 25 Defense)

Rare Items include:

Tundra SMG (37 Attack, 61 Defense)
Snow Monster (62 Attack, 30 Defense)

As you can see, even the Common Items have nice stats. If you got the Reward Points, you got to buy one. There’s no definite date as to when the Arctic Crates will be removed from the Marketplace so you got lots of time to get one for yourself.

Have you already bought an Arctic Crate? What did you get from it?