wow-ulduarThe MMORPG world was taken by surprise following news regarding a character named Karatechop (a Level 80 Gnome Warrior) who managed to grab a ton of achievements in a short period of time, blasting away bosses after bosses and eventually one-shooting Ulduar, the current end-game raid instance in World of Warcraft. How is that possible? Well… with a kind of cheating involved, of course!

The Gnome Warrior together with his guild were taking advantage, as WoW Insider found out, of a unique, GM or Developer item, one called Martin Fury, a shirt that adds +34 Mana, +34 Strength and the description says it all: “Kills all enemies in a 30 yard radius. Cheater.”

However, Karatechop didn’t cheat to get the item: it was mailed to him by accident and he started using it. Pretty fair, right? Well, Blizzard didn’t agree completely and decided to ban the Gnome warrior, as well as his guild mates, and nobody knows for how long. Or why, after all, since it was an accident and some of the banned players claim that they weren’t even logged in when Karatechop worked his magic with Ulduar with the help of Martin Fury.

One thing is clear, though: the GM or Dev who made this “mistake” certainly missed by a mile or so, since sending items by accident is not really the most common thing to do in World of Warcraft. Oh, well… at least now it’s all back on track, even though this is an event we’ll all remember.