wizard101_battleHonestly, I don’t remember hearing about Wizard101, a family-friendly MMO created by KingsIsle Entertainment, but it appears that I’m just one of the few, since over two million accounts were created until now in the game. Therefore, the developers decided it is time to celebrate!

Therefore, Wizard101 gift cards are being made available in 7-Eleven stores across the country. Costing $10 a piece, they offer more options for unlocking advanced game content. With the new gift cards, players who don’t have a credit card will have more independence in the way they spend small increments in the game, whether they decide to unlock new areas of the game or purchase equipment and accessories for their Wizard101 characters, such as wands, treasure cards and holiday items.

Also, each purchased gift card offers collectible pets from one of the four sets (Protectors, Assistants, Adventurers, and Heroes). Pets from these sets will give players better powers such as increased accuracy, defense, damage, and a special spell card that can be used during duels. And you certainly need all the help you can get since it’s two million people you’re fighting against!