A new set of goals has been released in ChefVille to celebrate the upcoming Halloween and it seems that we should prepare for a ball! Because that’s the name of the latest mission series in the game: the ChefVille Halloween Costume Ball and I am here to share with you all the details about the requirements and rewards for completing the new missions, so check out the details below!

The Haunted Broiler
– Get 4 Pumpkin Spice
– Place the Haunted Broiler
– Cook 3 Monster Pumpkin Soup
Rewards: 5 XP, 35 coins, and unlock Pumpkin Ravioli dish

The Halloween Costume Ball 1 of 4: Ghostly Accoutrements
– Buy 6 Halloween decorations
– Cook 6 Spooky Spaghetti as a snack
– Tend 10 Wild Pumpkins

The Halloween Costume Ball 2 of 4: The New Ghoul
– Get 10 Invitations to the Costume Ball!
– Visit 10 neighbors to see their spooky decor
– Earn 8 Spooky Halloween Ribbons to unlock Tombstone decor

The Halloween Costume Ball 3 of 4:
– Cook 4 Pumpkin Waffles on the Haunted Broiler.
– Serve 8 Creepy Crepes from the Haunted Broiler.
– Give 9 Chef’s Services with Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

The Halloween Costume Ball 4 of 4
– Get 6 Halloween Favors from your friends!
– Dress up your Avatar for Halloween
– Earn 18 Spooky Halloween Ribbons

And this is it! This is what you have to do for the ChefVille Halloween Ball, and I wish you a great time completing the new goals!