ia-am-aliveI Am Alive is a very promising survival adventure game from Ubisoft, a title that amazed the audience at last year’s E3 and one we’re eagerly anticipating this year. Developed by Darkworks (Cold Fear and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare) comes with an impressive concept: you fight for survival and your enemy is Mother Nature. Really cool, right?

It sure seems so and the first image released to prove the greatness of this upcoming title (check it in the upper left corner!) really is impressive: apocalyptic setting, disoriented people and destroyed buildings – that’s what we are shown and that is exactly what we’re going to get from I Am Alive (and probably much more).

“We wanted the player really feel the power of Mother Nature,” said game’s producer Alexis Goddard. “Nothing beats the sight of the first person to create this kind of emotions.”

And I totally agree: the game is already on my “highly anticipated” list and I am sure it has the potential of becoming a huge franchise.

[Image credits: PSU]