Mirror's Edge tattooToday seems to be the “Tat’s day” or something since we have another report regarding an incredible game tattoo: a gamer and Mirror’s Edge fan named Patrick decided to get a tattoo like Faith’s: and luckily, we’re talking about her arm-tat and not the one below her eye. Anyway, check it to the left and find out its story below.

“Faith’s tattoo design struck me when I watched the E3 2008 trailer, and I knew I wanted to emulate the tattoo. This past summer – prior to the release of Mirror’s Edge, I brought an image of Faith’s tattoo to a local tattoo artist, and he tattooed a similar design on my right arm. This is my first tattoo. It took 10 hours over three sessions spanning eight weeks to complete. I really enjoy Mirror’s Edge but the circuitry design of the tattoo attracted me to it most principally,” Patrick wrote in an e-mail he had sent to Kotaku. And I must admit that the tattoo indeed looks good. However, I still like Faith’s more because of, er, Faith…



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