theatre-of-warBattlefront and 1C Company have decided to offer tactical combat fans some extra hours of gameplay by releasing the first add-on for Theatre of War. Basically a mission-pack, it brings players a total of 12 new maps which beats your usual DLC ? but it also does so price-wise: it can be purchased from the official website for $25.

The Theatre of War Mission Pack includes a new campaign, The Liberation of Belorussia, focusing on the offensive of the 1st Baltic and the 3rd Belorussian Fronts carried out on June 23-28 as a part of the Belorussian Strategic Offensive in 1944. (Includes 5 new maps). Also a new short campaign in included, Strategic Breakthrough, focusing on the Blitzkrieg in France in June 5-14, 1940. (Includes 3 new maps.) Finally, 4 new “European style” maps for multiplayer battles and the editor come with the add-on.

Also, if you won’t go for the download version and opt to get the DVD you’ll also get, for the same price, the latest Uber Patch with a large third campaign, Battle for Moscow, a Random Battle Generator which dynamically creates custom combat scenarios, the ability to create new missions in the included editor, and much more.