circusA wacky circus is prepared to make its debut on Nintendo DS handhelds in the second quarter of 200: entitled Crazy Circus and published by dtp entertainment, the game will basically be a compilation of mini games which challenge the players to perform, as the name suggests, all sorts of crazy circus acts. So yes, it could be considered a great intention, having in mind that real circuses are really hard to find nowadays…

The game’s story is pretty simple: the player inherits the family’s once famous circus because his father is sick and no longer able to run the business. Now it is up to the young director to lead the troupe and restore the circus to its former glory. He keeps improving the show and quickly, the circus regains its excellent reputation. New performers push into the ring, the public clapping frantically to ever new sensations. The stunning performances attract the crowds in a way that finally, the circus arrives in the world’s most glamorous cities.

That will be done via 14 action-driven mini games, with Crazy Circus presenting Oleg, the motorbike-riding bear, who jumps over dozens of cars, a parrot who swings on the trapeze, clowns who throw cakes at each other across the circus ring and much more. It will clearly be a delight for kids, especially if they did not get the chance to see the real life circus. We’ll update you as soon as we’ll find out the game’s release date.


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