You might not understand much from Chazkenger and Bom – Bana since it’s fully in Japanese, but at least the characters are awfully cute and the game itself is really cool. However, you might very well get stuck while playing the game, so I’m sharing with you a walkthrough for Chazkenger and Bom – Bana, a step by step guide to help you beat the game. Read it below and have fun!

Once you go forward twice, there’s a B door in front of you and there are two wings, one to the right and one to the left. The right wing has a blue rhino and the M and S rooms. The left wing has a pink giraffe and the P and L rooms. You’ll need to note the numbers of all the animals as you see them. Their colors are irrelevant.

– once you’ve left the first room you started in, turn around to see ostrich on the door

– get broom next to – locker, get canister under stools, note tiger

– in cubby in the hallway grab bomb and M passcard

– pull switch on left monitor to see elephant, grab rope
– look at the canister to see that you already have the answer for the code to the right of door (answer below); this gets P passcard

– open and close cupboards to see their colors
– use those colors to open codebox in middle (answer below) to get magnet
– when facing the door, see rabbit, then zoom bottom left wall to see + key
– send the robot/creature from the bottom left of your inventory and he’ll get rubberband
– open magnet, attach rubberband, open broom, attach magnet and use to retrieve key

– use key to open + locker, get ladder and canister
– place ladder next to locker to access vent
– in vent, open grate, attach rope to large pipe to climb down

– see mouse, click left trunk to get bombs
– turn around, use robot/creature from bottom middle inventory on right trunk to get – key

– use key on – locker to see deer

– look at the canister to see that you now have the answer for the code to the left of door (answer below); this gets silver key and you can turn power on
– at monitors, pull right lever to find out where to use key (hint: in the vent room)
– pull middle lever to see color panel change; you’ll see purple, blue, yellow, pink and green arrows; note their direction (not their color)

– use key on panel to the left of mouse, as noted by the monitor clue
– enter arrow code from monitor clue (answer below)
– enter the cart, at next room turn around and leave


tiger-rhino-giraffe-ostrich: 39584649

colored codebox: bluebrown / allbrown / brownblue / allblue / bluebrown

rabbit-deer-elephant-mouse: 31529624

arrow codes:
as colors: magenta, blue, yellow, pink, green
as directions: SW, E, SE, NE, N

Thanks to zilifool for creating this amazing walkthrough!