Army life is not always as great as it’s shown in (some) of the movies, especially if you’re a cadet. And now there’s this game, Cadet Escape, a cute escape the room game you might have problems finishing. If that’s the case, simply read on the following and complete Cadet Escape walkthrough and have fun finishing the game ASAP!

Zoom in on the joystick under the lamp
Wow! It just got bright in here!
Click the joystick handle to open the cupboard
Zoom in on the center box
Click the right edge of the center box lid
Get the dynamite
Back up 2 times
Darn, it is dark again. All well
Zoom in on the bulletin board to the right of the lamp
Get the key card from behind the right of the 2 center orange medals.
Back up
Be sure to click it 2 times
Click the top shelf over the uniforms on the left to find the ladder
Zoom in on the uniforms
Click the chest pocket of the nearer one
Get the key
Back up
Zoom in on the brown cupboard on the right wall
Use the key and get the red wire
Back up
Zoom in on the case on the floor against the right wall
Use the keycard in the top and get the electronic board
Back up
Place the ladder below the hatch in the ceiling (above the bulletin board)
Now place the dynamite up there
Place the electronic board to the left of the ladder on the floor
Zoom in on the dynamite
Add the red wire
Back up
Zoom in on the electronic board
Drag the wire to the red wire on the board
Click a button and BOOM!!!!!!!!

Go upstairs to room 2
This room is better because it has 2 views lol
Zoom in on the rifles on the wall
Note the code on the butt of one
Back up
Zoom in on the counter top under the wall cupboard
Get the battery from the box (the left item in the box)
Zoom in on the cupboard on the wall and see it needs a code
Back up
Zoom in on the trophies on the table
Click the left one and see SO
Back up
Zoom in on the uniform over that trophy
Click the closer lapel of the jacket and find R
Back up
Zoom in on the guns on top of the shelves on the right wall
See LD on the butt
Back up
Zoom in on the right bust with the hat on it
Click it and see IE
Back up
Zoom in on the cupboard on the wall again
Enter the codeword based on the letters you found
Capitalization doesn’t matter
Click enter and get the pistol

Back up and turn left
Zoom in on the gun rack
Get the case of bullets from the bottom corner
Back up
Click the pistol in your inventory
Click the bottom of the gun to open the clip
Drag 2 bullets from the bullet case to the gun clip
Click the clip to close it
Click the loaded gun to keep it
Zoom in on the wall cupboard
There is no way we can see to open it, so let’s just destroy it!
Use the pistol on it
Get the remote (good thing you didn’t hit it with your bullets!)
Back up
Click the remote in your inventory
Click the cover to open it
Drag the battery, click the cover closed, and then click the remote to keep it
Zoom in on the circular door
Drag the remote to the screen
Enter the numbers into the remote to enter them into the codebox by the door – 3061

You escaped!

Our kudos goes to kitkatfox from EG24 for this amazing walkthrough!