cm2009As a fan of football management games, I was really looking forward to the new Championship Manager 2009 which was scheduled to hit the stores soon, but it appears that now plans are changed a little, as Eidos has announced that their game will now be released later – at least a few months later – than initially announced.

“Eidos has a total commitment to producing the highest quality games and we believe by moving the release date of Championship Manager we will give the product the additional time needed to deliver a more polished and highly competitive game within the genre,” said Eidos’ CEO Phil Rogers.

Therefore, the game which was originally scheduled to hit stores on April 24 will not see daylight until the start of Eidos’ next financial year which kicks off on 1st of July. A lot of time until then and, unfortunately, the date would rather suggest a CM 2010, since the 2008/2009 season will be over…


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