gow2Epic Games is planning a major overhaul for their successful shooter Gears of War 2, and to make us even happier, they’re also planning to release a brad new map pack. So if you were somehow starting to get tired of playing the game, or if you simply felt the need for something new, you’ll soon get some.

First, you’ll get a new ranking system in Gears 2 – and that might not be necessary a good change. I say that because it will be a bit RPG-like, which means that experience and not skill only will matter. Of course, there will be no experience if you ain’t got no skill, so in the end it’s better for the quality players.

“The new system gives you 100 levels of player experience, gained through scoring in public matches,” Epic says. “The game still uses TrueSkill to set up the most competitive matches possible, but skill ranks are now hidden. Players who quit matches early see their experience docked as a penalty.”

The Gears of War 2 update, schedule to go live on March 24 will also add another welcomed change: the introduction of bots in public matches, which means that whenever somebody quits an online match, an AI-controlled character will take their place.

Following this update, Epic plans to release a new map pack on March 31, the Snowblind Map Pack which will deliver four brand new maps and nine new achievements. So, as I said already, it’s Gears 2 time once more!