virtual-familiesI’m sure that, as a valued reader of Unigamesity, you haven’t downloaded the illegal copy of The Sims 3. And even if you got EA’s game through legitimate means, you might still feel the need for a complete virtual family of your own, without having to worry about as many aspects as you have to do in the aforementioned simulation. If that’s the case, Virtual Families from Big Fish Games (developed by Last Day of Work) is exactly the game you’re looking for!

In Virtual Families, everything is simple from the beginning: you have to adopt a character you connect with and… help them live a life as happy as possible! You have full control over the virtual family member, being able to dictate their routine, from the career to the personal life and everything in between. You will also earn money and decorate your house, you’ll buy your own vegetables and, when the time will come, you’ll even be able to find your soul mate and start a true Virtual Family.

The game’s minimum system requirements are really low, meaning that virtually anybody is able to fully enjoy this cute casual simulation. Here are the technical requirements: CPU: 800 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, 66MB of Hard Disk space. Basically, if your computer can run The Sims 1, you can easily play Virtual Families.

If you are interested in buying the game – or just trying the demo at first, follow the following link to download Virtual Families.