plants-vs-zombies-officialWe all like the ugly brain-eating creatures we all know as zombies, right? Just imagine, then, what impact a game would have if it would feature the slow undeads, but also some incredible plants that can destroy them. Everything on your lawn! If you can’t imagine that, don’t try anymore: Plants vs. Zombies is the game that turns the concept into reality.

And it does it really well, apparently, since PopCap reportedly sells this cute casual game better than anything else! PopCap’s Garth Chouteau said: “At this very early point in its history, it’s the best-selling game PopCap’s ever had.”

Just imagine the high quality behind this title, if it sells better like incredible sellers like Peggle or Bejeweled! Why does PopCap consider that Plants vs. Zombies sells so well? Except for its high quality, it also falls into the “hardcore” category, so not just the casual game lovers purchase it. Interesting…

If you haven’t tried Plants vs. Zombies yet, you can go to Big Fish Games and download a demo or purchase Plants vs. Zombies