thesims3The pirates have won another huge battle against the big games publishers, but computer gaming certainly lost some more of the faith these big publishers had in the classic systems: The Sims 3, the upcoming life simulation game that was expected to hit the store shelves on June 2 has been leaked on torrents today, two weeks before the game’s launch. This will certainly be a huge blow for EA!

We have no information yet if the Sims 3 torrent is for real or just a hoax, but from the comments read on various torrent websites, it appears that it really is the upcoming game from Maxis. The interesting part is that The Sims 3 torrent image weights only about 5GB, which might seem a little for some – but for the more casual audience The Sims 3 is aimed towards will certainly be OK.

However, the important thing is this: The Sims 3 has leaked on torrent websites way before the game’s launch, most likely harming the sales of the title quite a lot. Electronic Arts and Maxis must certainly be really pissed off right now. We’ll keep our eyes open for some more info, until then you can find out more about The Sims 3 by following this link.


  1. What makes you say that it will most likely harm the sales alot? It only will if it’s bad and with alot of online functions in the game people have a reason to buy it. And there isn’t any strong scientific data that says that pirating games will lead to fewer sales. EA probably think they are f*cked. But they will think that the sold few titles and blame it on the pirates even if it turns out to be the best selling game in history.

  2. Good thing is the Faggots that decided to download the leaked version only got the beta sims 3, which sucks, not the full version. <3 Idiots.

  3. “EA must be pissed off.”
    I among many were very upset when they played with the release date, pushing it back many long, gruelling months. 4 month delay to “polish it up”. If they wanted the hit of the summer, why not just set the release date in the summer instead of winter? They get what they deserved lol.

  4. If there were things needing polishing.. then I think its fine to postpone the release… nothing sucks more then to fork out your cash for a game full of bugs… and with such a high profile title I guess they needed to get it right the first time…

    Personally I’m not going to bother… the game is probably completely “guttet” for features and content in order to make way for the MILLIONS of expansions that are sure to follow…. it was the exact same thing when they launched Sims 2…. maybe when the first couple of add-on’s are published I’d give this game a go

  5. Beta? no its the full version, just tested it and the copy i got in the back of store, Gamestop store that is.

  6. It is leaked, I am playing now. The copy we have is full of bugs.

    Some say it’s beta, some not, but it better not be the one that gets a final release.

    Graphic glitches. (Have to restart computer)
    Freezes. (Sometimes have to restart)
    Corrupt saves. (I have never had this happen yet)

    This will hardly hurt EA at all, the game will sell, and millions of people will be milked dry buying the expansions.
    (Add the total cost of all the expansions for sims 2)

    Sadly, I will be buying this game because my wife likes the Sims. My hope is that all these glitches that I am experiencing get fixed and not just patched latter as a lot of game company’s do to make deadlines.
    If EA is smart they should be listening and fixing so that their normal non Pirate customers will get a quality product.

    WE understand that we probably do not have the final release so we are not really concerned about the glitches.

    Knowing EA though, it’s a toss up. That could be the reason they are not saying anything because this buggy version is going to go to retail.

    anyway, for me the game is not real playable.

    Intel 9550 Quad Vista 64
    Asus 9800 GTX +
    4 gigs ram.

  7. Michael is spot on, The leaked version better be the beta otherwise those who decide to buy this game will be sorely disappointed. Its a glitch fest. And essentially the same as sims 2, I might even venture to say that Sims 2 was better. We’ll see at launch, I reserved my copy months ago. It better be better then the leak or EA truely will lose sales.

  8. I sincerely hope the leak isn’t the final product…

    1) It feels very inspired by the early console games — The Sims and particularly Bustin’ Out. Very simplified and cartoonish.

    2) The format is awful. You can’t easily transition between families or lots.

    3) The social interactions are very limiting — they are completely dependant on your Sims’ traits. If your Sim doesn’t have the “hopeless romantic” trait, they won’t be able to initiate a relationship or marriage. That means that if neither of the Sims have the trait, they can’t “go steady” or “get married.”. Also, if your Sim doesn’t have the “great kisser” trait, they can’t “make out.”. If they don’t have the “flirty” trait, they respond negatively to fllirting. Etc.

    4) The lighting has to be a glitch… I can’t think of another excuse for why it’s so screwed up. The brightness alternates randomly — not just the setting, but the entire screen (including control panel) — it will go to a black screen for a few seconds then appear significantly darker or brighter. The time in the game is not a factor. It’s really awful.

    5) You can’t enter community lots. Let’s say your Sim needs groceries… All you can do is select the items you want from a list (a fairly cool feature) and watch them disappear inside the shop.

    6) Buy mode is way over- organized. It’s helpful at times but a nuisance at others. The inventory is severely reduced.

    7) The custom coloring for items is a fun tool but needs some major fixing…

  9. Special K May
    S. Choice

    Very good observations. The game does seem limited (S.Choice) and it’s based on a whole different graphic engine which if working good should be better.

    EA is trying the old and very true method, that if they give us little, we will buy expansions latter. Notice that there is no snow? Home business?, Magic system? that Sims 2 and expansions gave us?
    EA wants us to Buy Sims 3 and get Less game, then start the cycle all over again. A new version, based on a different graphic system should have included everything that the older version had, or at least pretty close, then we expand from there.

    I to experience periods of black screens, or long freezes. Sometimes the computer just locks up, and my system can play Crysis almost on full graphics (LOW AA)

    One thing EA has in it’s corner is the fact we have to play the game with a Cracked .EXE. Are these glitches we are experiencing because of a bad crack? It’s not the first time Groups have had to re-Issue cracks because the first Crack messed the game up somehow.

    Right now the Game loads faster and runs smoother than Sims 2, I am wondering if that will still be true after the 10th expansion.

    Have fun everyone!!

  10. I agree with you Michael…

    They are doing the same cycle as they did with sims 2… I wonder if they will even have the nerve call the expansions the same.
    Of cause its a sound marketing policy… but it leaves us with the feeling that we pay premium money for a game that is only as good as it absolutely HAS to be… in stead of as good as they can make it!!
    I cant imagine that much of the code isn’t just a copy paste of the last edition of sims 2.
    The version I tried seemed pretty complete with no glitches at all…. it had some improvements with regards to the “game play”… but apart from a nice colour editor was hugely disappointed about the “build” mode.. which hadn’t changed at all… in fact I found it more troublesome to use… and the fact that they hadn’t included spiral staircases…. one thing that all fans of the series had longed for… we that’s just a big “f*** you” from Electronic arts to all of us that supported them so far…
    I will surely get a look at the game they are releasing before buying.. and if its no better that the one I’ve tried, I wont bother.

  11. I’m not a Sims fan, but this leakage was the perfect opportunity to check the game out. Guess what? i’m still not a fan but thanks to the pirates i saved 60 bucks. Their press release was pathetic “does not include a city (duh you gotta buy it) and bugs”. The bugs will be in retail too and a futurepatch will cover it.

    Anyways, don’t hate the pirates hate the OVERPRICED Horrible quality game.

  12. I preordered it back in February and I finished… acquiring it last night through a friend of mine who knows his way around. I’m about to crack it open. I’m going to buy it because I like the series and I have the money to burn. This just gives me an excuse to play it earlier.

    Can’t knock EA for sound marketing strategy although this little “oopsie” sure makes me laugh.

  13. Ea ANNOUNCED it was the 1st version they made when the sims was in development, a prequel is what they called it.
    They said the leak is missing 3/4’s of the actual game and it was released to the press for them to announce it.
    And no, you get to download a neighborhood when you register your sims3 serial. And the collectors edition is 60 dollars, regularly 40 dollars.

  14. Thank you for the News lalal, could you give us a link to your source?

    Why would a press release need a crack?

    3/4 of the actual game missing? Some reason I find that hard to believe, because if that were true there would be broken quest, Items vacant, half the options not available………. I could go on.

    EA would like us to think 3/4 is missing, but no way possible.
    EA has to much of your basic Sims content in place for a full game, before we start buying expansions.

    NO, NO, NO……. If 3/4 is really missing, then when I buy the game, I am looking at around 2 possible DVD’s and the Game weighing in over 13 Gig installed. EA’s Milk em dry Marketing would never allow that much content on first release. Never……….. !!!!!!!!

    It’s 5.52 Gigs now………………………………

    Now back to my garden and making my shower (Self-Cleaning) :)

  15. EA said the pirated version “is a buggy, pre-final” version of the game.

    “It’s not the full game. Half of the world — an entire second city — is missing,” said spokeswoman Holly Rockwood in a statement.

    Let me translate:

    Yes, the game comes with a City, but if you register you get to download a second city that will have the same type of content as the city that came with your game.

    (AS the Options say for our copy, reg to download extra city. Duh…)

    The Buggy copy was going to be released, but we were found out, so we fixed a few things and hope to get those to retailers in time for launch. Your really not getting any new content though by paying for our game.

    So much for 3/4 of the game missing!!!!

    Have fun everyone!!!!!

  16. ROFL.
    No, it comes with TWO neighborhoods, you register for a third one.
    There’s been tons of statements from EA reps, one even had them talking about
    “Over 3/4ths of the game is missing, why would we remove all of the phones, beds and other stuff. It’s simply the version we released to the press.”
    I’d find the link but it’s past my bedtime,

  17. lalal- I know you want to believe that.

    Right now everything I have read is that you get one Neighborhood (The one that came with the Pirate version.) Then you Register and get an additional Neighborhood.

    The content is the same, just different looking “HOOD”.

    There may have been a News release version that was very limited, but I can assure you that the Pirated version we are currently playing has everything it is suppose to have. All the skills, Jobs, Buildings, ETC…

    The only official news I know of and can find is from Holly Rockwood of EA. All the many web pages I have read on this points to this being correct. The only thing we are missing is the extra City’s, All the Game Mechanics are in place, so we are not missing anything.

    If you have links please post them for us. We need to see what versions EA were talking about (Leaked V.S News Release)

    Also EA is not a Honest company, and does not think of their Customers. (Spore to name one of many.) They would like everyone to believe that the Leaked version is missing sooooooooo much stuff to please those that Pre-Ordered, when in fact we will soon find out on Official retail release, that all the game play is the same with nothing new but the Cities.

    I am buying the game regardless for the wife. So should everyone else that has enjoyed the pirated version. As much as I do not like EA, Stealing is not making things better.

  18. Psh. My friend downloaded it off the torrent . And, I must say, I sincerely hope that the leak isn’t the final product.
    For one, it’s very slow. ( Or, that could just be his computer ).
    Two, there’s something horribly wrong with the lighting, especially concerning the sunlight, which doesn’t appear as ‘shine’, but, various annoying colors.
    Three, the graphics are awful, regardless of whether you set it to the highest qualities possible.

    There’s plenty more, but, my friend’s trying to convince me the game is awesome, so, I’ll just shut up.
    The Sims 3 is way overhyped and I’m really disappointed about how things turned out… Thus far. Hopefully, my disappointment will be short-lived in the sense that this is not the final version. We’ll see when it comes out officially. If it still sucks, there’s always the Sims 2, which, so far, is better than part three.

  19. Well I have some errors…:( The image during the game becomes black, after a while becomes normal . The pictures of the Sim ,after few hours , become broke…:( I’m disappointed because “Maxis” have not participated in creating the game ,and we all know what what happened with “SimCity”(“SimCity 5”;)…:( I hope they don’t make the same mistache… “Maxis is also not involved in the production of The Sims 3, but instead Visceral Games (developers of Dead Space) and EA Black Box (developers of Need For Speed Series). ” … :(

  20. For those that have the leaked version, you will find in your support folder a readme.txt The leaked version is the one that is going to be released.

    Readme for The Sims ™ 3
    (c)2009 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    June 2, 2009
    Version 1.0

    As I stated, EA claims this is a buggy version, and thats not the case. If you read the support file you will see there are trouble shooting entries for the very same issues we are having. They already know about this and I am sure a Patch is soon coming. If you have the leaked version, check it out for yourself!!!! (EA Help) folder.

    You get to download 1 extra town and 10 sim points if you reg the game when you buy it. Nothing else!!!

    Now back to my glitch graphics, freezes, and lockups. (Working on fishing skill.)

  21. Alright, time to answer a few things here.
    1. Whoever said this is a beta version, it’s not really. Rumor has it a newer version’s leaked, but it’s not really any different.
    2. Whoever said 3/4 of the game is missing, I assure you it’s not. It’s all there. Everything’s fully functional (although there will be a second neighborhood available on registration, the included one is fully playable).
    3. To those who say “OMG PIRATE R BAD PAY 4 GAME SRSLY,” go fsck yourself. If you have the money and want to pay for the game, pay for it. If you don’t, don’t. I’ll be totally honest here. I like the game, I haven’t paid for it, and I don’t know if I will. I myself develop software and have seen both sides of this story, so those of you who won’t pirate it just because you’re incapable of installing a simple crack, shut up. Those of you who think pirates are “bad,” keep your opinion to yourself. Nobody cares, and to be honest, I read those comments, laugh, and think those sorts of people are idiots.
    4. To those who say it’s buggy, are you running it on a Pentium II with an old Nvidia Vanta or something? It runs fine on my rather low end 1.6GHz Pentium Dual-Core, 3GB RAM, and GMA965.
    5. To those who think the game could have been better (more specifically addressing “S. Choice” here), did you only play it for five minutes or something? Take it for someone who’s played it for several days, these issues are not there if you’d actually bother to learn how to play. As for the social interactions, they are available, you just have to work for them first. No, you can’t just walk up to another Sim and make out with them. You have to do other romantic interactions until your relationship with them hits the very top, at which point it will say they think your sim is being “very alluring.” Here, it will then allow making out. As for the community lots, you can enter the same sorts you could on TS2… okay not restaurants, but at least you can sort of see the workplace now. Come to think of it, I sorta wish I could go inside restaurants now. Maybe in a future EP…
    7. Yes, I’m a “filthy load of pirate scum” or whatever you want to call me. Screw you, I’m proud of it =D

  22. Go Justin, Just hate those lame Peeps that are clueless about pirating and believe everything EA farts out of their butt.


    One thing though Justin. For me the Game is BUGGY!!!!
    It might be vista 64 and my quad I don’t know. I am not the only one, as it seems to effect High end systems.

    For more news:

    EA patched!!!!! and a newer version that is patched will be released June 2.
    Razor911 already has it out. You know where to get it if you want it.

    ReLoaded first leak change file: 624575
    Razor911 Change file: 625803

    Ts3.exe Leaked ReLoaded (April 23, 2009
    Ts3.exe Razor911 (April 30, 2009)

    So the Retail will be different than the first Leak as EA tries to cover their backsides.

    Everyone though, Seriously buy the game!!! EA does suck, but their paranoid thoughts about theft is what caused the Spore incident. (Just to name the last big one.)

    Have fun!!!

  23. i downloaded the sims 3, and it keeps saying that i can not play until i register the game. is there any way around this??

  24. leahhh

    Hard to help if we don’t know what Release you downloaded. There are some Bogus sites that do not have the real deal.

    Razor911 has a new crack fix, to run their release.

    The best thing would be to just buy the game if it is being released in your area, I know that a lot of countries will not get it June 2.

    Your other option is to check what you downloaded and get help from the torrent sites. Normally their are people that have already asked your question.

    This is not the best place to ask about running a scene released product.

    Have fun…

  25. I don’t know what everyone is talking about when I keep reading “buggy” version. The pirated copy I have works incredibly well. No lighting problems, no crashes etc. The only thing is the clothing choices and hair choices are pretty stupid, maybe 2 or 3 at the most worth anything, other than that The Sims 3 is pretty good for a base game. I will most likely buy the game anyway, since I’ve loved it for about two years now. Can’t wait for the EP’s to follow soon enough.

  26. Hi all i wanted to to say i my slef downloaded the torrent and you must all be retarted i deff have the full version .. its all there the only bug i have is when i try to ride my bike i click on it the only option that comes up set owner ( any help there?????) anyway i have no other bugs. some people say the verison i have 1.00615 something is beta its def not and i have the 5 gigs version ITS THE FULL BLOWN ONE. and all those ppl who say pirates are bad… keep your god damn opnions to your self we pirates usally keep to out self until you come along and yell at us respond if you have any game questions
    Thanks and have a nice day,


  27. FND did you know theres acually alot more??? i thought that too but if u go to clothing and go to the right theres an arrow for more.. have fun any questions just ask

  28. I’m really use to TS2, this is completely different, I knew I was in for a different experience but I’m having a hard time forming a relationship on this version, I’ve made my relationship bar go all the way up, I can do Flirting and that’s it but in bed i can WooHoo but can’t propose or anything like that. I’m having a hard time getting use to this new Sims and it also seems like I’m spending MORE time keeping the needs up than I was on TS2. The whole having to wait for them to sleep at night thing kinda blows but hey, at least I’m getting to play it. I understand it’s probably not a beta or prerelease version but I wish it was, it doesn’t include many hairstyles and things of that nature and my Sim keeps getting mad about his house being dirty when its completely clean. Weird…

  29. I downloaded the Beta version a couple days back, and have been addicted to it. I’m still getting the proper version though, since the Beta has some bugs

    Lemme just clarify a few things. For most people (myself included), I thought the animations looked exactly like the sims 2, judging by all the delevelopers videos and trailers and such. But once you get the game you’ll be blown away at how many different animations, and trait specific bonuses you are able to get. Sims look MUCH better than before, and the create a sim/style is just amazing.

    Of course, sims are still dumbasses. When I made a kitchen I enclosed it in countertops, leaving just a 1 counter width space for them to enter and exit by. Well, every time one sim is already in the kitchen and another has to enter, theres always that awkward-shuffling-around-with-foot-tapping while they wait for the other person to get out of the way, and usually end up walking through each other.

    Now for the bugs
    I cannot find the option to get married, or go steady with someone. My charismatic sim, who is a good kisser is able to kiss people right from the start of a relationship, since that is her trait. But my other sim just doesn’t get the option. Maybe thats because I made her a loner? I have no clue.

    Then there are a few minor glitches, like townies cars getting stuck on the road, or my sim walking through an end table. Nothing major.

    So yeah, don’t be snooty and go “No I won’t download the sims 3 torrent”, because you can always buy the full version. The way I look at it, the torrent is just a way to check out the game and see if you’ll even enjoy it before shelling out 60 dollars for it. Because trust me, it is VERY different from the sims 2. Like VERY!

  30. I agree that the gameplay experience in sims 3 is much improved (it needed to be).. but the “build” mode is still a HUGE disappointment.

    And yes.. the version I came across definitely looked like a “full” version

  31. My fear is that “The Sims 3” will not get as “SimCity Societies”…Bought by “EA”, then that is not made by Maxis , like “SimCity Societies ” and “The SIms 3″…:( I hope I’m wrong…
    But with this leak I hoped that the modders will make objects . mods for download… :)

  32. Another new bug… some reason my sim wants to ‘continue grilling’ , 1) there is nothing to continue 2) I cannot even stop this action 3) my sim doesn’t even do the said action.

    EA is bluffing saying there is more to the game comming, yeah you get an ‘extra’ town when you register but that also will leak on june 2, along with the patch I expect due out at 1am june 2

  33. ya zanev arnt they making a patch to make the beta full??? and i haerd its 700mb thats def not 3/4 of a 5 gig game my friends. EA just wants ppl to stop downloading :P

  34. Stenner:
    I was also expecting a lot more complex build mode and the ability to do fancy things like Spiral stair cases, basements…………..
    This game caters to women who like to build houses but needs a system that is simple and easy. I wish there was a pro Version for those of use that use 3d modeling programs.

    Anya: Do not feel sorry for EA. Most that download torrents A) Will never buy the game anyway (Poor or 3rd World country) B) Buy the game because they like it and want the full benefit of a purchased copy.
    This does not Hurt EA at all. I am buying the game, though I have been playing the Leaked version, and I don’t even like EA.

    zanev: Download the Razor911 version as it is retail.
    Razor1911: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11195 Changelist: 625803
    Reloaded: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575
    If you compare the versions of TS3.exe you will get these infos:
    Razor1911: (April 30. 2009 04:55:28)
    Reloaded: (April 23. 2009 07:53:19)
    Or better, buy the game and get patches.

    jesse: Yes, EA Lied. I have both versions right now. That 3/4 of the game missing is a Hoax as the final retail is 4 megs smaller than the leaked version.

    Have fun everyone!!!!

  35. I dont know If Im the only one who have noticed this… But I find that the sims get in each others way much more often than in Sims 2

  36. Leaked Version V.S Razor911 A.K.A Retail release.

    Retail is still buggy with graphic glitches, but the read me says the game was made for native XP systems (MAC also) Not Vista.
    I have Vista 64 Quad core 9800GTX+

    Retail has more complete gestures and a few noticeable improvements in the way sims Respond to each other.

    BIG ONE!!!
    Leaked version does not have the full Romantic dialogs Available.
    Retail has many more romantic options. Like Hold hands, Kiss, ETC…
    Retail also has a few more conversation options overall.

    Retail: Sims seem to be more busy in town doing more things. The Leaked version not so much.

    Retail: Paid for allows Riverview town download. Right now the Website is down until game release as my launcher could not connect.

    There is no new content as EA would have you believe except for the romantic dialog which can change your game greatly.

    VERDICT: Retail version is improved and you would be missing out on some things unless you get Razor911’s Release or Buy the game.

    I am playing Razor911 Release until the game is sold in stores.

    Have fun.

  37. The torrents are for the beta version not the released version. It is buggy and does not have all of the features

  38. There goes that “buggy” thing again. Let me just say I have NOT had ONE single problem with the game. As for “all the features” this is a base game, and has just as much as The Sims 1 and 2 (well actually a WHOLE lot more) had in the base games. As for my disappointments, (clothes and hair) I think it’s just because I was spoiled with all 10GB’s of custom items I had in The Sims 2. But let me just say, even though I love all the CC and loved The Sims 2, I have not even opened it since playing The Sims 3. That’s how much I’m liking this “alleged” buggy, crappy, not final, crappy, will crash your computer and eat all your food” leaked version. I will be deleting The Sims 2 from my computer, since I know I will not be playing it anymore, since I’m such a huge fan of the new “buggy” game. Again, NOT one problem….the game totally rocks!

  39. Yeah, Jesse. I know about the arrows. I think I was just spoiled with all the amazing CC I had in The Sims 2. For a base game, The Sims 3 is actually great. I will be looking forward to new hair and clothing though, whether it’s with expansions or CC, if it’s going to be possible.

  40. yo Michael so that that mean the one leaked one i got verison 1.0.615 will be updateable to the final release????

  41. oh ya Michael can you shed some light on my bike problem it just has set owner nothing out if thats a bug then its the only one i have

  42. sorry for a triple post but im scared guys i accidentally hit the launcher with my internet on and no blockage is that bad i heard it was

  43. Hopefully not, I’ve been doing it everytime I play, I’m going to buy the game anyways so I believe if you buy a copy then you can’t really get in trouble for it because it can be considered a “backup”.

  44. Check my dates in the Read me in your Sims folder. If you don’t have Razor911 then your missing most of the Romantic actions which can make for a dull game for most. There are also improvements like I mentioned above.

    The Leaked Version CAN NOT be PATCHED as EA is releasing the version that Razor911 released (Store version) So EA is not patching something that they never released to public.

    I have not tried the Bike in the Razor911 version. I would just use the company car. Most jobs provide you with one and your sims default to that or taxi anyway.

    Once again, the Leaked version is not EA’s released version and can not be patched latter. Razor911 is the retail version which is the leaked version pre-patched by EA for retail.

    Have fun everyone.

  45. yo i thik yo might be a little off cuz there is a patch by razor i getting it now that sends the beta ( reloaded) to the full check it out guys il post with confirmation tonight or tomorrow

  46. NO………… Razor911 first Crack got nuked. There version is a whole different version than Reloaded. This is what Razor posted.
    Their Second (Working) Crack is not included in the download.
    Razor911 released the Retail version that EA made, it’s not a patched version of Reloaded’s.

    Razor1911: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11195 Changelist: 625803
    Reloaded: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575
    If you compare the versions of TS3.exe you will get these infos:
    Razor1911: (April 30. 2009 04:55:28)
    Reloaded: (April 23. 2009 07:53:19)

  47. well then i confused i have absolutely NO bugs at all so what does this mean is it full or what cept for the bike i mean no graphic bugs no nothin

  48. Jesse, Please read what I said above about the differences of the First Leaked version and Razor911’s/Retail version. I have both versions running to compare for myself.

    The graphic glitches, freezes, and CTD (Crash to desktop) where reported by people that have high end computers, Sometimes Not so high end. Not everyone had issues with the leaked version.

    The VERY FIRST LEAKED VERSION is missing some things that the final Razor911/retail has. Most noticeable is the Romantic dialog.
    So on YOUR system the Leaked version may play great!!! but your still missing some important things to the game that was added before retail.

    EA is going to patch the Razor911/Retail version, not the Leaked version, because the Razor911/Retail version is the Patched official first release version.
    So, to get everything, you need the newer version and that means BUY the game or download the Razor911 version. There is no other way around it.

    I hope this helps you.

  49. i think this is what EA gets. i know it’s just a game, but i was royally upset when it was pushed back. and they did it pretty close to the release date. and for marketing? shouldnt they have thought of that before? and i haven’t seen one commercial for it, or advertisement on the internet. i’m not in the business, but it doesn’t seem to me that you need 4 months to do nothing.

    i downloaded the game and was disappointed, i hope there will be more hairstyles and outfits.

  50. Just wanted to clarify something here. I have got the first leaked version of the game (the RELOADED one) and i don’t know why people say the romantic dialog option is missing. I’ve played it and yes, it is there with supposedly all the romance options at that level (about 6 of them) INCLUDING kiss and hold hands. Dunno if there are much more but having 10< romance options would be kind of silly.

    I still am going to buy the game when it released. Regretted pirating Spore and being stuck with them boring Maxis creations……

    BTW, about the bike, the only option available is to set the owner. Once one of your Sims is the owner of the bike, they will use it instead of the taxi/cab to go around town. Outside, the bike will be put in the Sim’s inventory until he/she reaches home, then it will return to the bike rack.

    I suppose the cars work the same way, even though I haven’t tried it yet.

  51. As for the romantic options, I’ve yet to grab the Razor1911 release but as far as I know the difference is as follows.
    In the Reloaded (beta) one, you have to work up to a certain point by doing lesser romantic actions before the greater ones become available. At first, it will say [other Sim] thinks [your sim] is being flirty, and only such actions as Hold Hands, Flirt, Flirtatious Joke, Kiss, Shy Kiss, and Hold Hands will be available. After doing a few, things like Make Out, Stroke Cheek, and Whisper in Ear show up (at which point it will say [other Sim] thinks [your Sim] is being very alluring. After a little while longer, WooHoo and Try For Baby come up (at which point it will say [other Sim] thinks [your Sim] is being extremely irresistable).
    I haven’t tried Razor1911’s yet, but I’m assuming the “fix” is something like The Sims 2, where if your relationship is good enough, it’ll let you do anything from the start. I actually prefer the way it works in the Reloaded release.

  52. Well, letting do everything once a certain point is reached is kind of unrealistic. I hope it stays this way and the people who said otherwise are either:

    a) Not getting their Sim’s relationship up to a high enough level yet
    b) Somehow something got corrupted in their game.

    Just stating my opinion here but I prefer having to work to get the good stuff.

  53. I agree… the interaction options “disappear” but once you spend some time and effort with the sims in question…

    You can’t expect to go out having fun with your friends every night for two weeks in a row and come home and woohoo your girlfriend right afterwards, in real life either… it just doesn’t work that way! :)

  54. The Razor911 makes the Woohoo options much more accessible, I still have not found an option to (GET MARRIED or PROPOSE)
    Razor911 is also patchable once EA gets around to fixing the bugs.
    I still Get CTD’s but not near as often as ReLoaded’s release.

    I also find that try for Baby and woohoo is way to easy in Retail release (Razor911). I have several children living around the town and the game does not make you financially responsible for them. They also carry the girls last name.

    The game is interesting for a couple of days, it is a big disappointment once you (QUICKLY) max out everything. It could of been a whole lot better with a lot more options and better AI.

    have fun

  55. Hmm……4 days to launch so i don’t think i’m going to bother downloading razor911’s torrent just for better Sim love.

    But now that we know that the game is patched, anyone have any idea if people playing the RELOADED release will be able to port over their saved games to the retail version?

  56. after reading those comments , what do you recommend for someone who’s not wiling to buy the game and has a slow internet speed :
    1) download razor911 version
    2) wait for the release of the game and see if there are any differences

  57. Downloaded the Reloaded version from The Pirate Bay, was an .iso was 5.59gb and works ok, Only thing is that the game speed is slow regular time and fastest time is almost the same, if your sim is out working, you do nothing but wait until they get back which is a few LONG minutes… and theres not a large selection of hair styles for the guys and girls. Seems hard to switch households and play other sims.

  58. JUSTIN

    Well you’re opinion is not needed also so don’t think we want to hear your side of the story either!

    and when you told those people who are saying that pirates are bad to shut the up, well you shut the up because if you made a movie or a game or a cd or whatever the crap and somebody illegally downloaded your crap im pretty sure you want be happy about it would you.? after you spent your hardwork on that shyt and somebody had the audacity to download it without paying it and you aint getting a dime to your name. but yeah i don’t think you would care about it you’ll sit their like a punk like you are doing right now probably. but if somebody did that to my shyt i’ll be mad.

    and i do agree with you on that last part. I hate people who play it for like five or ten minutes and say it sucks, they need to get in full depth in the game. and i have a friend who thinks that she can call up a sim and think that he would want to come over but when he makes up a lie and say he has something “to do” she get’s mad and wanna quit the game and im like “girl you have to work up a relationship and then maybe he would like to come over”
    but those people have as much paitence as a rat with adhd

  59. and i hope that EA is not lying and saying stuff like “oh yeah it’s just 3/4 of the copy” but then i think they are lying, like i think they are trying to cover stuff up for the people to make them feel like when they buy the game they are getting the absolute full game while the people who downloaded it from torrent are getting something half.

  60. @keke:
    Hopefully Not, because I downloaded the game, and liked it but it wasn’t what I was expecting. But I did buy it, will be getting it by the end of this week.

  61. @keke:
    Saying you don’t want to hear my side of the story. That’s a bit unfair, don’t you think?
    And anyway, I myself develop software, so I can see it from both perspectives. In fact, I was working on a shell replacement, but I indefinitely suspended development for personal reasons. And I realize people are going to pirate it. The activation system’s a bit easy to crack. In fact, people have already cracked the activation, and I feel now that all the builds out in the wild are expired, a timebomb crack may come shortly. Fortunately, I don’t really care. People pirate my stuff; I pirate other people’s stuff. Fair enough as far as I’m concerned.
    Anyway, since I’m a fair individual, I want to hear your side of this. I have a strong stance on this, but I never try to silence people who disagree with me.

  62. ok well i bought it yesterday June 2 and its awesome… its better than the leaked version because even if you had razor’s game. runs better no glitches that i have seen but other than that the main reason i bought it and didn’t just get a new torrent is because pirates need to support the developers. that and to use the online features but yea the leaked versions are in fact different

    ps you get river view( new town) when you REGISTER WITH EA its 92 mb

  63. There’s no difference whatsoever. And now that Riverview ended up on torrent sites yesterday, there’s really no difference. I’m very disappointed with the sims 3.

  64. >Mander May 18th, 2009 11:09 pm :

    Good thing is the Faggots that decided to download the leaked version only got the beta sims 3, which sucks, not the full version. <3 Idiots.

    how in the f**k do you know it sucks?

  65. >>Jesse June 3rd, 2009 1:30 pm :
    ok well i bought it yesterday June 2 and its awesome… its better than the leaked version because even if you had razor’s game. runs better no glitches that i have seen but other than that the main reason i bought it and didn’t just get a new torrent is because pirates need to support the developers. that and to use the online features but yea the leaked versions are in fact different
    ps you get river view( new town) when you REGISTER WITH EA its 92 mb<<

    That’s very interesting…why is it then that my boyfriend has the Razor version (the same as retail) with NO glitches and NO crashes plus Riverview and every single item in the TS3 store…? Yeah, do you have any f****ng idea how many people with the retail version cant even play the mother****er? Get your facts straight!

  66. Must’ve hacked it in somehow. The Riverview neighborhood only comes with registration, or grabbing it off TPB.
    I still don’t have the Razor1911 release, but I do have reliable sources.

  67. NOman………. Your very ignorant……………..

    Razor911 and Retail are no different………

    As for the retail release it has many BUGS on a lot of systems. Mostly Graphic Glitches, though some reporting actual Characters getting permanently messed up.

    So, EA lied again as their so called retail version was better than the Leaked or Razor911. It is not…………….

    Notice the read me, the game was made with XP in mind. Not everyone is having issues.

    The Game does not look at Quad cores or is designed to run in a 64 bit environment. This is not a step forward for Sims, the game is garbage!!!

    What makes it worse is that EA has once again asked us to forget all the functions of Sims 2 with expansions and start over again.

    I would not buy this until there are at least 5 expansions out because there is not much content here. This is not next Gen Sims, but a big disappointment.

  68. There is a difference between Reloaded and Razor1911. Wait until an expansion pack comes out and you’ll find out the hard way. At least that’s what my sources tell me.

  69. Just my two cents A. I don’t pirate anything, games,music,movies,etc. If you pirated this game and got less than you expected I don’t see it as any big deal. B. I’ve been a fan of the Sims series for many years,and was let down by the release date being set back,but have to say I was excited when the release date finally did come. C. I like some of you, do notice many aspects of the game seem more like the original than Sims 2. D. I am also having issues with my copy of the game which I purchased legally and am not sure yet if it’s my computers fault or EAs fault. I’m still working on it. And finally,If and when I get my issues cleared up I think that I will enjoy playing this game because I do think it’s a nice balance between the familiar and the new.

  70. Shadow70301…….. Great point, and mature post :)

    Your not the only one having issues with the game for those that have paid for it. Some are having issues getting past the protection.
    This should not be a issue because the Game just wants the CD to find out if you purchased it or not. The problem is that not all CD drives handle the protection Well. I think once you establish that you have paid for the game you will not need the CD anymore.

    As for the BUGS, CTD’s, and graphic glitches, not everyone is experiencing them. I am, and this game locks my system at times.

    Bottom line:

    Shadow70301…… There is not much new in the game, and it is way to easy once again to become rich and go though everything in a day or so of playing. I myself miss all the functions that Sims 2 with all 500.00 dollars worth of expansions added. Simply put, there is not much game here.

    In just 3 days all 4 of my Sims are maxed out in everything with nothing left to look forward to. I have caught every fish, collected everything, and have tons of friends. I have one Sim that has gone completely through 3 jobs to level 10.

    There is nothing cool to build with all the money in the house department that was not available in Sims 2. No basements, No spiral stair cases, No cool lighting, NOTHING!!!! In fact there is much less to choose from.

    Sims 3 should have been a major step in tons of game play with all the options of Sims 2, expansions included. Jobs should have taken at least 60 hours of game play to max with options beyond that. The garden idea is good, but no point because there is no need for a garden once you become rich, and all the (Special -RARE- Seed) add nothing cool to game play.

    There is no need to buy bikes or cars, swimming pools are BORING and your guest don’t even notice them (No Diving board) There are upgrades that are useless because money is so easy to get.
    The Game does not take advantage of Quad cores, duel graphic cards or high speed memory, but is glitch y on these systems instead.

    EA knows the average consumer is DUMB and will blindly pay for all the expansions that should have been included in the first place. As for me, I am a real gamer and not only expected a lot better effort, but something that surpassed Sims 2 with expansions. You won’t find that here.

    Have fun everyone.

  71. He he Michael… you pretty much sums up take on sims 3 as well.. :)
    Especially the bikes and cars seem absolutely pointless to me.

    I’m sure that eventually the gameplay will improve as expansions become availabe (the first one should be out in a few days?? ;) ) … thise wil probably include more stuff for the sims to do… restaurants and shops that you can actually ENTER and play your sims inside.

    My concern however, is, that this was the case with sims 2 as well… but apart from new objects floor tiles wall covering etc… the build mode was never improved in any way in the previous game.. so it probably won’t be in this one either…. and that SUCKS!.. because like you, I was expecting basement options… spiral stair cases (im sure these will turn up at some point) skylights and I could go on…
    As it is now.. build mode is such a step backwards that I don’t even bother building houses in sims3.. and that was the main attraction of the game for me..


    Yes, the original leak was only a BETA version, however, after the retail version hit shelves that too leaked onto the torrent sites. There’s even a patch that will allow people who downloaded the BETA version to upgrade to the retail version without having to redownload the whole game.

    There are still some people spreading around that the online “retail” version is different, but there have already been countless confirmations that it’s not.

    The only real difference is that you cannot download the second town “Riverview” without a legal copy of the game nor will you recieve your 1000 sim points – BUT – there are already Riverview torrents availble, too, so…. (I guess it’s kind of like paying 49.99 for the points?)

    But this won’t neccesarily be a blow to EA at all. The fact is that there is no way to measure how many people who pirated ALSO bought the game nor the amount of people that wouldn’t have bothered buying it at all even if there wasn’t a pirated version available. When it comes to pirated games, you’re left completely in the dark to what could have been. The thing to keep in mind is that there are people who pirated the game that will still be purchasing a legitmate copy and that EA will most certainly benefit from this.

  73. Erin…………………………………………

    That pretty much sums it up!!!!

    Everything is 100 percent fact!!!!!!

    We bought the Game also even though I Kept my Razor911 installed with new updated crack and put the game on the shelf.

    EA is not going to be hurt at all. From reading the post on this site, many or just ignorant of Torrents and will also buy the game and all the expansions that will soon follow. This is sad because EA really needs a message sent to the pocket book that we expect a whole lot more for a 3rd release with a new Graphic engine.

    Great Post Erin!!!!

  74. It’s funny to see all the comments before June and all the comments after June. It’s funny how EA and everyone else who paid 50 bucks for their claimed that the pirated versions was beta and full of bugs but I have played both version and can say that just ain’t true. EA lied big time, I don’t know why it’s not like people weren’t going to find out. Also I think it’s funny that EA is trying to turn 1.4 million into the biggest launch ever. 1.4 million worldwide those numbers are laughable.

  75. I think, what is even more laughable, is that this very “hyped up” game has a lasting appeal of about 1½ days.. after that.. It feels just like they added another expansion onto sims 2

  76. Sadly, the game only lasted for about 3 days for me. Full Garden, fish and a couple jobs.

    I expected much more depth than this, and it’s a crime to sell this for 60.00.

    What makes it worse is that IGN, Gamespot ETC…. gave it good reviews, so that means EA will not have to try harder in the future.
    Had this been the first Sims released then it would be great, but it’s not. This is just a shell of a game that ignored what was given us in Sims 2. EA thought they could lie and sell this half effort of a game to the general public. The sad thing is that they were right.
    It is time we get some old school game reviewers out there and start trashing garbage like this. I have already stopped playing because I can only repeat the same missions so many times and make just so much money before it’s a big yawn!!!

    Have fun.


    How do I know? I played both! The tragedy is that sites like this are burying the truth (that the retail version IS JUST AS BUGGY IF NOT MORE SO than the leaked version). Search “sims 3 retail crashes” or similar and all you find are the 10,000 identical stories repeating EA’s press release—durr hurr the pirated version is buggy and sucky hurrr. Yeah, well so is the store-bought version–what a colossal screwup! It’s called beta-testing, guys.

    As far as half the content being missing, that is a joke–the other half is simply the town of Riverview, which is also being pirated right now. I really regret buying this game now, I’ll never buy another EA game as long as I live.

  78. wow guys stop crying over it not being fun…. go back and play the sims 2with no expansions it very similar to the base sims 3. yes they could have added some new things but they will pop up in new expansions just like the sims 2 did so its really deja voo

  79. You Go whatever! I mean the Sims 3 doesn’t even have a piano or diving board. What the hell was EA thinking? Oh I know they were simply thinking about money,money,money and nothing else. Now there paying for it BIG time. EA games deserves everything they get for being greedy and lying to people. The sims in the sims three look awful, and if the don’t find away to put CC in the game it’s going to sell even less.

  80. Ripped off? Yes, Holly Rockwood of EA stated that the retail release would have 50% more content than the pirated version. “Half of the game is missing.”

    Not so, no content was missing and the extra town had no new game play mechanics.

    The game sold really well as those not in the know bought the game, Now we can hope everyone starts to hate it and make EA give us something worthy of being called Sims 3.

  81. The Sims 3 is a sad excuse for a sims game. EA must have been seriously smoking something when they decided to release this game.

    I have been a sims fan since day 1, the sims 2 was by far 10x better than the sims 3, EXCEPT for the fact of the seamless neighborhood. Right now, thats all i can say is better at the moment.

    I never got a chance to play the pirated version, hell i found out about it 3 days after i bought the dam game so i was already mad about that. I like to try things before i buy them.

    Anyway, this game has soooooooooo much missing from it i dont even know where to begin.

    Creation of your sim is limited, they took away memories and alot of fun stuff about the sims themselves that made the game the GAME. ALOT of objects that were int he Sims 2 to begin with are non existant in the sims 3. No hottubs, no pianos, almost all the dialog is the same, almost all the animations and gestures are the same, dancing is the same stupid side step, all the sims walk with this manly ogre walk, the adults look like their pushing 60, you control 1 family, and if you create others you’ll be lucky if they stay in the city.

    Also, i didn’t have any problems downloading or playing the game to begin with, but about a week or so into it, my build/buy/create a sim mode music completely muted out. I cant hear any music except for when the game starts up and on the custom radio station, which doesn’t have much to listen to.

    The so called patch was suppose to fix it, but hey, big suprise, it didn’t -.-

    If you ask me, they should have devoted at least another year or 2 into the making of this game. I’ve played it for 3 weeks now, and let me tell you, its not what i expected at all :(

  82. he he “I’ve played it for 3 weeks now” .. well If it could keep you entertained for that long I’d say you got value for your money.. I played it for a day and a half, and haven’t touched since!.

  83. 3 days …. Gardening,cooking,jobs,fishing,guitar, ALL MAXED OUT.

    You should not take what could have been great concepts like fishing and Gardening and make them go NOWHERE!!!

    All the fishing, gardening, ETC are pointless as they do nothing for the game. I would think dead fish sushi would at least make you sick or turn you into a vampire. NOTHING………

    No point in any of it, because money is way to easy to get with no real house building options that was done way better in better in Sims 2.

    I see a bunch of jumbled ideas that end Nowhere and in 3 days I have over 250.000K and just scratching my head…………

  84. The leak must have been an inside job, how else would somebody have infultrated their system, i mean all of their pass codes are top seacret.

  85. guess what …
    everytime there’s update and expansion pack … the torrent version, including the crack will get pawned (Ex: World Adventure) … and it will annoy the piracy greatly thus they must buy it …
    BTW, the torrent of World Adventure is out too …
    but you might think *can I install this or not* …

    there’s several user giving some solution … but none is same … the system update is locked for that version, and only the legal one can be updated … neat …

    even if there’s a case there’s a solid pirate file that can update it … can it really stand for the next update ?
    considering the Sims … the expansion will be more than 3 set … lesse … Water Diving, Magic, Alchemy … etc … what can pirate do against all of this update ?

  86. Wow. 6 month bump eh? xD
    But pirates always manage to crack this stuff.
    And none of those solutions and whatnot (namely the registry ones, I never had to do that) are really necessary. I just installed the cracked base game, then proceeded to install the cracked World Adventures. Worked like a charm. To be honest, I think the complicated solutions are posted by EA to make pirating the game look harder than it really is. I’d imagine that future expansion packs will be just as easy to crack.

  87. Hey yalls,
    I downloaded a sims 3 collection from bitgamer(it’s a private tracker if you don’t know) and it came with (World Adventures) WA and High End Loft Stuff (HELS). Since then, 3 more have been released, just downloaded them off BG and they all installed and worked like a charm.

    Compared to the sims 2, TS3 isn’t really so bad. I have all the expansions (exept Fast Lane Stuff (FLS), I forget why but I re- installed the game) and with the late night, it’s pretty good. I might buy it. Late night includes:
    – A new town
    – LOADS of new buildings
    – Celebrities
    – A butler
    – The ability to become a celebrity yourself(note it should be harder, however)
    – A new icon on saves that tells you if its a downtown or normal
    – Ability to live in an apartment
    – Some more cool things

    I could go on a lot longer. If you guys removed it, DLoad it again, get all expansions and late night, then play. It’s pretty different.

    Night all,

  88. No not really…Everyone got a BS version so that they would make good money… EA probably leaked it any damn way so they could make more money… And id you download it you can see whether or not you like it or not…so yea…


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