When your family is kidnapped and you have to visit Castle Dracula to rescue them, you can know for sure that there’s a real and extremely dangerous adventure ahead. And such an adventure clearly requires a walkthrough and this is why I am here with you today: to share with you a Castle Dracula walkthrough that will take you through all the puzzles and challenges of the game and help you beat the game and save your family.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out together the Castle Dracula walkthrough below!

1. Move forward into the foyer and take the torch off the right wall. Enter the dark hall to the right and then the wine cellar.

2. Get the bucket on the floor. Go back to the lever room and use the right lever.

3. Go back to the entrance in the castle and go left inside a dining room. Go left again to face the Werewolf.

4. Use the torch to burn the rope in the upper right side of the screen. After the lights fall on him, use your crucifix to kill the werewolf. Get the rope and move to the wine cellar.

5. Move forward to get to the well. Use the rope with the winch and then add the bucket to the rope. Use the bucket with the well and get the silver key from inside it.

6. Go once again back to the castle entrance and use the key to enter the double doors. Move forward (a gargoyle room) then go right into the torture room.

7. Take the keys hanging on the shackles on the right wall. Move forward inside the cell and talk to Grace. Go back twice into the gargoyle room and use the keys with the left door. Move left and you will reach a tree.

8. Get the leg of the skeleton on the tree. Move forward to a state whose sword can’t be taken. Move left then forward again. Use the leg of the skeleton on the coffin and take the shield inside. Go back to the statue with the sword and place the shield in its hand. Take the sword and the shield and go right twice then forward once to enter the cave.

9. Use the shield to block the eyes of Medusa, then attack her with the sword. After destroying her, pick up her head and the key next to her. Go back all the way to the torture room.

10. Unlock Grace’s shackles and you will unlock the succubus. Use the head of Medusa with it, then use the Sword with the petrified creature. You will be moved away, go back to the gargoyle room.

11. Use the wings from the succubus with the gargoyle and use the hidden ladder that will be revealed.

12. Go right to the dock. Somewhere to the left of the post you will find a hidden Valve. Get it and return to the castle grounds area.

13. Go forward and right (to the fountain). Use the valve at the right of the fountain and take the coins from inside the fountain. Go back to the docks and give the coins to the man there and he will take you to the gate.

And this is where we are right now with the Castle Dracula walkthrough. As we’re playing the game, we’ll make sure to continue this walkthrough to this really good adventure game. Stay tuned or help us with the solution by commenting below.