No release of a social game is flawless and unfortunately the same can be said about Playfish’s latest title, SimCity Social. One error in particular seems to be very nagging to players worldwide, one that gives you the following error message:

“By the Llamas! Something went wrong… please refresh the game!”

The problem is that everybody who refreshes the game just restarts the cycle: after SimCity Social loads again, the same error message will be received and nothing will really happen to the game. And this is really frustrating right now because obviously this means that we can not play the game because of this error.

And even sadder is the fact that we don’t really have much power in fixing this “By the llamas” error: one could try to load the game in a different browser, but the chance of getting rid of the error is really low. However, it’s worth trying.

Except from that, there’s not much we can do, but wait for Playfish and EA to fix the By the Llamas! Something Went Wrong error and allow us play the game without any problems.