It’s already time to prepare for a new chapter in the Jade Falls farm in FarmVille, the Chapter 5 Missions. As always, I am here to share with you all the details about the rewards and the requirements of these new goals, so if you are curious what you’ll have to do next, just check out this guide to the Jade Falls Chapter 5 missions!

Sulfur So Good
– Get 6 Sulfur Vials
– Harvest 15 Sichuan Pepper
– Complete 1 Jade Pasture
Rewards: Rocket Chicken

Summer Salt
– Get 8 Saltpeter Vial
– Harvest 8 Chinese Daikon
– Harvest 2 Rocket Chickens
Rewards: Fireworks Cart

Charcoal is the New Black
– Get 8 Charcoal Vials
– Harvest 25 Jade Bamboo
– Make 3 Bao
Rewards: Jade Fireworks Tree

Boom Tube
– Open 1 Medium Water Fortune
– Havest 10 Nori
– Make 3 Chow Mein
Rewards: Fireworks Gnome

Short Fuse
– Get 9 Fuses
– Harvest 12 Hamachi
– Harvest 2 Jade Aviary
Rewards: Fireworks Stand

Sky Sorcery
– Get 10 Confetti
– Master Rocket Chicken to 1-Star
– Craft 2 Hamashi Maki
Rewards: Fireworks Display

So just six missions in the 5th chapter of Jade Falls missions, but with some really cool rewards, making this new series one you’ll want to complete.