A new set of missions has been released in CityVille, the Serve missions that give us the chance to win some really amazing prizes thanks to a partnership between Zynga and American Express “Serve”. Since it costs us nothing to get the goodies, these are some missions that you should not ignore. I am here to share with you all the details about these Serve missions, so check them out below!

Go for the Garage Sale!
– Collect from 10 Businesses
– Collect from 10 Residence
– Visit the Serve page
Rewards: Serve Garage Sale

Mobilize Your Money!
– Place 2 Asphalt Roads
– Collect from a Gas Station 3 Times
– Collect from 2 Neighbor Residences
Rewards: Mobile Home

Boot Up the Cyber Cafe!
– Collect from a Web Company 3 Times
– Collect from a Coffee Shop 5 Times
– Harvest 10 Crops
Rewards: Cyber Cafe

As you can see, these are some really easy to complete goals and the rewards are pretty nice, so make sure that you get it going and start working on these Serve missions in CityVille.