blastworks-screenPeople in the UK will now be able to enjoy Majesco’s BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy, a crazy and retro-ish shoot’em up game that really takes it to the basics and includes dragons that spit pixilated fire triangles and so on. Pretty strange, actually but definitely great for the lovers of the genre.

BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy pits players against waves of enemies whose destroyed parts can be used to upgrade your own ship’s firepower. In short, the more enemies you destroy the bigger and stronger your ship becomes to take on more challenging enemies so you can’t really get too far unless you cause mass destruction.

“This is a highly original game both in style and gameplay where players are only limited by their imagination,” said John Merchant, Marketing Manager International, Majesco. “We are looking forward to seeing what sort of incredible creations and ideas players come up with.”

Merchant says that because the game also comes with an in-depth level editor which allows the creation of levels, ships, enemy ships, objects and even bosses. Cool, right? If you agree, then you might consider giving BlastWorks: Build, Trade, Destroy a try.