moto-racer-dsThe latest motorbike racing game for the Nintendo DS, Moto Racer DS, can now be purchased thanks to Nobilis and Ascaron who released the title for the delight of fans all over the world. It appears that only select retailer have this little game, so you’d better make sure the store you go to has it, if you want to avoid trouble.

The main attraction of Moto Racer DS will probably be the stunts system which allows players to master up to 18 impressive stunts, including some really cool ones like:

Kiss of Death – a death defying stunt where the rider moves their head towards the front fender as if to kiss it, while bringing their legs upwards from the bike.
Tsunami – this move sees the racer moving the bike and their body in a vertical position, then curving their legs over to resemble the shape of a wave.
Dead Body – involves the competitor sticking their feet through the handle bars, then flattening out their back as if they were lying dead.

For each gameplay mode the new title from Nobilis features different motorbikes, so you will always have to choose carefully if you wish to succeed with this game. So we can only wish you good luck – you’ll probably need it!