bericherNow that’s a challenge few will say no to: Be Richer! Unfortunately for those in need, it is nothing but a good name for a casual, time management game that won’t really make you rich in real life, but it might be a good substitute for those who can’t do it anyway. The funny part, however, at least from the recession’s point of view is that in the game you will get rich by managing a construction company. So yes, it’s obviously all unreal.

But nevertheless fun, at least according to the information we have from the Big Fish Games website: “Earn your riches in the real estate market in this exciting Time Management game. Build your company from the ground up, as you build houses, mansions, stadiums and even whole neighborhoods in Be Richer! Keep your tenants happy by constructing huge shopping centers, providing maintenance, and meeting their expectations. Plan beautiful cities as you reach your goals, turn a tidy profit, and Be Richer!” The official description says it all!

Also, from what I saw, Be Richer also seems to take the casual time management gameplay one level further adding in some extra options and build options, making sure you won’t get bored too quickly with the same “do it all again” gameplay. And if you worry that your computer can’t run the game, you probably shouldn’t since the system requirements for Be Richer are quite low:

– OS: Windows XP/Vista
– CPU: 1.0 GHz
– RAM: 256 MB
– DirectX: 8.0
– Hard Drive: 99 MB

So… are you interested? Head over to Big Fish Games to download a free trial or buy the full game for just $6.99!