drawn-the-paintedtowerEvery now and then, an indie developer manages to surprise us all with the release of a simply amazing computer game and that’s exactly what Drawn: The Painted Tower will do. A game just released on Big Fish Games (exclusively there!), Drawn: The Painted Tower is a wonderful and colored adventure game that looks just like a fairy tale drawn by hand and brought to life.

The game itself tells the story Iris which is trapped in the magical Painted Tower, with your job being that of saving her – and more locks have to be unlocked to reach her, if you are creative enough, of course. Enter lush painted worlds and meet fantastic characters who will help you…and sometimes try to stop you, on your quest through the dream world of The Painted Tower!

But story aside, obviously the most impressive thing in Drawn: The Painted Tower is the visual element, which is charming and colorful, grim yet lush. The best part is that the system requirements to play the game are quite low, and I will list them below:

– OS: Windows XP/Vista
– CPU: 1.0 GHz
– RAM: 512 MB
– DirectX: 6.0
– Hard Drive: 651 MB

So if you are interested in giving this puzzler a chance, head over to Big Fish Games and download it: either the free trial or the full game which costs only $6.99! And have fun!