thehunterOK, it’s all clear now: today indeed is one of the best days for gaming, since we have another news about a free-to-play game, after letting you know that this weekend brings free Unreal Tournament 3 game play and ten days of free Warhammer Online.

Joining today’s free to play games is MMO wild animal hunting game The Hunter which allows gamers all over the world to become virtual hunters for no fee (so if you sign up for your free membership, you’ll gain access to a virtual rifle with unlimited ammo and a license to hunt Mule deer).

However, if you want to get everything out of the game (which is developed by Avalanche Studios, the folks behind Just Cause), you will have to go for a paid membership, which will give you more weapons and and even more wild animals to hunt. Tournaments, challenges and interacting with other players via the game’s social networking features are also included, so there’s a bit of something for everybody in this newly launched MMO The Hunter. So why not give it a try?