warhammerToday is not a great day for Mythic who will be closing an impressive number of servers – 43 – after performing a final transfer of characters to a new server. This means, in other words, that the game is slowly losing its popularity, even though it was recently reported that there are still 300,000 people playing it.

Anyway, all the Warhammer Online characters who are on the server listed on the official website will be moved to a new server, and you should not worry since your character’s items, bank vault, bio, quests, tomes, friend list, and guild info will be transferred as well. However, auction items, guild alliances and in-game mail will not be transferred. This includes any promotional or collector’s edition items, so be sure to get them out of the bank or mail or you’ll lose them!

The bright side of the story is that the population on the servers will be sorted out. Still, I’m sure it’s not what Mythic was expecting from their title… but new players might come to the virtual world following the release of the “play Warhammer Online for free” campaign.