Free-to-play gamers missed out on all those years of getting fragged, and thus lack the refinement that long time players obtained. This Team Fortress 2 guide for the Heavy will set the newbies on the right path, and will hopefully help the veterans who’ve missed the simpler things.

– Don’t use your Minigun as a sniper rifle, a tip forgotten by many players. Heavies are suited for close-to-midrange combat. Any more distance than that can spell doom, but don’t be afraid to lay a bit of suppressing fire. If you get lucky, you might get a kill!

– Just because you can take more damage than anyone else doesn’t mean you should have to. Dodge that fire from the opposition instead of eating that rocket. Instead of rushing toward the fray and out in the open, try taking a different route. A healthy Heavy equals a deadly Heavy.

– Weirdly enough, Heavies operate better if they are stealthy. Nothing feels better then running up on some poor unexpecting player reloading his gun. Plus, giving enemies no time to prepare for your assault gives you a better chance to survive longer. Memorize the layout of the levels so you can pummel enemies with your fist.

– Learn how to start the rotation of your gun so that it catches the person around the corner, but doesn’t alert them.

– Stay with your team. This is Team Fortress, after all. As with about every single class in this game, buddies budded up do more damage.

– Learn where you can get medal in the map, fast. Many Heavy players run out of juice way before their enemy hits the floor. Keep your minigun stocked and happy.

Use these to start your Heavy on the path to fulfillment. Next set of Heavy tips will deal with the synergy he can have with a fellow Heavy.