Dead Island, like every game, has a number of exploits. This particular glitch – the duping glitch – lets players dupe melee items. This will also assist players who lost their items due to Dead Island’s glitchy nature.

Duping items is simple. Ready your weapon you want duped, then follow the instructions below in this guide on how to do the duping glitch in Dead Island.

Throw the weapon you want to dupe, and immediately hit backspace.

If that’s not working out, try this. Make sure you have a bomb in your possession:

  • Find a checkpoint, and drop all the items you want to dupe.
  • Throw that bomb at your feet.
  • Hit “escape” and “load from last checkpoint” while the dying animation happens.
  • Enjoy your new pile of weapons

You can sell the copied item, use it if your melee weapon is about to break, or put it away in storage as a back up. This glitch works for the consoles as well.