If you’re playing Casual Collective’s hit game Backyard Monsters regularly (and you should!), then you might at some point get a messenger from the Wild Monsters proposing a truce and offering you a gift as a sign of their peacefulness: the Backyard Monsters Horse or Trojan Horse as we’ll name it from now one.

So… what does this new and cool decoration do after accepting it? Will it give you immense powers, turn you into a god or end the game since you managed to go to peace with the wild monsters? Not a chance!

Actually this Backyard Monsters horse gift is a Trojan Horse, meaning that soon enough it will open up and reveal a huge army of wild monsters that will start attacking your buildings. You will have some really tough times with them and most likely suffer heavy damage so unless you are prepared with many upgraded towers, it would be best if you refused the horse gift from the monsters.

Did you accept the Backyard Monsters Trojan Horse or not?