If you’re playing Casual Collective’s hit game Backyard Monsters regularly (and you should!), then you might at some point get a messenger from the Wild Monsters proposing a truce and offering you a gift as a sign of their peacefulness: the Backyard Monsters Horse or Trojan Horse as we’ll name it from now one.

So… what does this new and cool decoration do after accepting it? Will it give you immense powers, turn you into a god or end the game since you managed to go to peace with the wild monsters? Not a chance!

Actually this Backyard Monsters horse gift is a Trojan Horse, meaning that soon enough it will open up and reveal a huge army of wild monsters that will start attacking your buildings. You will have some really tough times with them and most likely suffer heavy damage so unless you are prepared with many upgraded towers, it would be best if you refused the horse gift from the monsters.

Did you accept the Backyard Monsters Trojan Horse or not?


  1. yeah I accepted it — it was pretty obvious what would happen, and I wanted to test my defenses — the thing is… they havent attacked since… so do they stop attacking after their failed attack with the horse? I wish there were an “Initiate Wild Monsters Attack” button. And some small reward for defending well…

  2. If you want more monster attacks go get the monster baiter… you can choose the number of monsters and where they start the attack from.

  3. I have had the trojan horse twice. the first time i accepted it and successfully fought off the horde. The second time i declined it, and they still poured out and attacked me anyway.

  4. Theres no way to get rid of the horse.
    Im just a beginner still under the shield protection then this horse came and i rejected it,but monsters still came out and demolished my entire base :(

  5. lol if they start attacking you and you can’t defend them off, just press the “home” button at the top of the screen next to the “profile” button on facebook, wait about 20 seconds, then go back to the game, and everything will go back to the way it was right before they attacked you

  6. The Legionnaire tribe sent me a Trojan horse, which I accepted because, like some of the other posters, I wanted to test my defenses – which, at least as far as the Legionnaires were concerned, turned out to be pretty much impregnable.

    After their failed attack on my base, I went over and wiped theirs out. :-D

  7. I was able to go back to my profile page and it all restarted befor the attack…then i just put all my towers by the horse so when it started all you saw left was blood… =)

  8. Well declined them the first time and they still came. You can actually refresh the page and make it seem like they never even attacked yet. So if you think your losing just refresh and try again.

  9. I also built the monster baiter. Its useless for me because when i upgrade it to lvl max and summoned all the monsters, but i killed it in no time like the Trojan horse.I guess im strong cuz i bought $199.99 of shiny.

  10. actually.. no one should be scared of the trojan horse. it’s obvious what will happen to you if you accept it (but i did it). levelled my base? nah. wonder why? is it really that hard to defend a li’l thing like that?

  11. first time i accepted it, then the second time , since i had learned my lesson, i decclined it and they still came out and killed me, now ive upgraded my place alot and i want to test it out but it wont come now….

  12. I just received it and accepted it. I took a bit of damage, but nothing that wasn’t repairable within a few minutes.

    FWIW, they sent it to me shortly after I failed attacking the Dreadnought tribe. Maybe just coincidence.

  13. There are no D.A.V.E and Wormzers in that pony anyway… But I just accepted it on Christmas because i thought it was a Christmas gift anyways… They are dumb enough to chose and attack on that spot because I got my yard highly defensed on the Northeast

  14. i studied greek mythology on my own in 6th grade and i know everything about it i figured when i first saw it what would happen but i just wanted to make sure and i got attacked with like 10 of all monsters from pokeys to fangs i believe and the trojan horse in greek mythology is named because the spartans(i believe)were at war with troy(a city)and they decided to make it look like they left off the island and then after that they made a huge horse and put it outside the city and the trojans thought it was a gift from the god athena(goddes of wisdom)and they took it into the city and at nightime the people jumped out and defeated troy by burning it

  15. my horse will not go away at all but if u click the facebook, Etc. button on the upper left corner of ur screen the monsters shall go away. Also if they do any damage, press the button and you shall have no demolished buildings what so ever!

  16. I saw the horse and when i clicked on it, monsters attacked me so I turned off my computer before it saved and I turned it on again and everything was back to normal. The horse was still there so I put all my defenses in front of the horse and I clicked on the horse. My defensive towers got destroyed!

  17. excellent… Obvious what the horse was and a great test for defences – chuffed I survived with little damage having only started a few days ago. I’ve found these forums really helpful and I hope there’s more little tricks in store :)

  18. Well we torjan is gift us some times but i get torjan horse for 17 times i clicked 2 times i im still having them all!!!!!

  19. i refused the present cause i knew that story
    but they came out anyway xD
    the horse dissappeared after a while (3 days)
    and now i’m curious if i can send one myself?
    if i can, can someone tell me how?

  20. How do you get a trojan horse i am level 32 now and i never got the trojan horse i got the Giant D.a.v.e but not the trojan horse i looked in the wikia and said i need to be level 20 but im level 32.


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