Backyard Monsters, as stated in my review, is one of the coolest and most complex Facebook games at the moment. However, mastering the game takes a lot of time and dedication and you’ll need a perfect strategy in order to be competitive in the game. In this article, I am going to share with you a bunch of Backyard Monsters Tips and Tricks in what can be considered and early strategy guide for the game.

Backyard Monsters Basics:

– Try logging in at least twice per day during the first days of playing in order to quickly build up your base. You need, while in protection, to upgrade the resource gatherers fast and build two silos
– Your second focus should be on upgrading your towers. You need strong towers to defend against players once you’re out of protection!
– Do NOT collect the quest rewards unless you REALLY need the resources. You might find them extremely valuable if you can afford to save them for later.
– But do remember to collect all your resources and bank them in time!
– When close to getting out of protection, try to get the best out of the environment (the mushrooms) and strategically place the buildings around. The more time it takes for enemy monsters to get to your buildings, the better.
– For starters, using Octo-ooze and Pokeys to attack is the best since they are cheap, easy to produce and they can do quite some damage. I found Finks to be quite useless during the early stages, and so are Eye-ras if there are no walls.
– You should use all the walls you can in order to protect your base!

How to get more resources faster in Backyard Monsters?

Obviously, by attacking players! Early on, you should attack in waves with Octo-ooze and Pokey monsters to destroy the towers and resource silos. You might also wish to use Bolts with Octo-ooze if the other player has strategically placed the silos and resourcers in the middle.

Later on, you should adopt the same strategy using waves of Ichi and Brain and when possible, create huge armies of Crabtron to attack other players. This way you will loot tons of resources easily!

How to build a perfect base in Backyard Monsters?

One of the biggest problems players are facing in the game is that of the base building: how to place the buildings in such a way that your resources are safe? Unfortunately, there’s no golden rule of thumb to follow since the environment can work in or against your favor, but here’s how I’ve set up my base after a few tries and found it to work best against attackers:

– I have high level building of each resource gatherer, except for the goo, of which I have two. I also have one silo, two monster hatcheries and two monster housings. These are placed in the middle and protected always, while other buildings are used to distract the attackers.
– The other buildings are: low level resource gatherers, town hall and all the other buildings you can create. These, alongside walls and defense towers are surrounding the protected buildings and are the first to get attacked. The base should be as close to a square as possible!
– Why is this a good strategy? Because you won’t lose too many resources, since most of them are in the middle and you might just get into Damage Protection if the attackers destroy your outside buildings at first!

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