Starting tomorrow, May 18th, players can gift Sugar to their friends in Restaurant City. Gifting Sugar is only available for one week, so be sure to give one to your friends every day. Hopefully your friends reciprocate it by gifting you back.

This is good news for players who are having a hard time leveling the Drink Me and Eat Me dishes. The two dishes require Sugar, which made it a very in demand ingredient in Restaurant City. I had a hard time trading for it. As you know, Drink Me shrinks customers who drink it while Eat Me gives you a Cheshire Cat at Level 10.

The Free Gift Sugar event is Playfish’s way of teasing the players for what’s to come in the near future. The company gave a clue of the next theme by stating that you’ll need something blue for it. Most players think that it alludes to a Wedding Theme.

When there’s a Wedding, there are desserts and that means Sugar will still be needed in the future. Even if you’ve already mastered both Drink Me and Eat Me you still need to collect Sugar for the Wedding Theme.