Protection is a very important element of Backyard Monsters, giving players strategic advantages over their opponents. In this article you will learn everything about the different types of protection you can get in the game. But let’s start by answering a common question: what does the Backyards’ Monsters protection mean?

Well, it’s quite simple: while under protection, a player can’t be attacked by other players (but wild monsters can attack the player!). Protection can also be lost before its deadline if you attack another player. Now let’s see the different types of protection in Backyard Monsters!

1. Starter Protection

This is the protection period everybody receives when they start the game. It lasts for 14 days and it would be really wise to use it to build up your base, stack up some resources and train your army.

2. Damage Protection

This type of protection is activated automatically when your base suffers too much damage. If your buildings are destroyed or damaged to a total of 30-60%, then you get 12 hours of protection to rebuild your base. If the percentage is greater, you get 24 extra hours of protection time. You will also get a one hour protection time if your base has been attacked four times within an hour.

3. +24 Hours Protection

This can be only purchased from the Shop and it costs 25 Shiny. However, use it with care since you can only buy one every 5 days!

4. Holiday Protection

If you decide to go on holiday, this is the protection you’ll need – it lasts 7 days and can only be purchased every 14 days for 200 shiny. But at least you won’t suffer any heavy losses!


  1. Is there some glitch with my game or has starter protection got shorter since this article was written?

    I only got a countdown of 48 hours protection, and I haven’t attacked anybody or done anything to make it shorter :(

  2. Well it seems that there have been several changes made to backyard monsters recently.
    One, as pointed out by Kat, is the reduced protection time.
    This article says it lasts for 14 days. When I started, it said it would last for 7 days.
    Kat says hers lasted for 2 days. I think there was a glitch in your case Kat, but not sure what it is.
    The people I play with have all had 7-day protection.
    I think there also used to be a little more shiny to start off with.

    When it comes to the game, it has recently added;
    – a different Town Hall design
    – tesla and laser towers
    – the monster academy
    – the monster bunker
    – the monster baiter

    I believe these to be all the changes made to backyard monsters so far.
    Hope I helped.


  3. hey the write up of the d.a.v.e monster says that they only do what u tell them 2… how do u control them??? my ones just attack whatever is closest!

  4. the Trojan horse is comes around the time you’re first allowed to attack. it’s filled with wild monsters and only opens when you make the decision.

    as for the damage protection, it comes after 25% damages (at least with the level 2 map room) so make sure you destroy all the defense towers first if you want to take the town hall. if you attack wild outposts then it never comes.

  5. You can get damage protection 4 28 days 4 900 shiny, but I guess thats just a way to waste shiny. The trojan horse appears at lvl 20 but I havn’t seen any others. If you close the inturnet while being attacked by the horse, your yard will reset to its original state, like it wasn’t attacked.


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