Hey, Cafe World fans, I have some great news to share with you: Zynga has introduced the Cooking Mastery in their game, completely revitalizing it and finally giving us some reasons to continue cooking tons of servings per day. If you’re curious to find out all the goodies about the cooking mastery, read on!

Here’s how Zynga announced the feature: “Your cookbook just got better! Now every dish you serve will get you more rewards and bring you closer to becoming a Master Chef!” But what is this cooking mastery, after all?

It is a way for players to “level up” their dishes by continuously cooking them. Each dish has a different number of times it has to be cooked before being mastered but each dish has three mastery levels, each offering its own bonus. Fortunately, the rewards for mastering a dish are the same, so here’s what you get:

Level 1 mastery: Light blue plate for the dish and more servings
Level 2 mastery: Dark blue plate for the dish and more Cafe Points
Level 3 mastery: Golden plate and the dish cooks faster

So how can you find out more details about the Cafe World cooking mastery and see how many times you need to cook before you master a dish? Simply click the cookbook icon and then the golden “I” button near every dish. A new window will open giving you all the details needed: how many times you have to cook to master the next level, plus info about the dish!

You can also ask for help from your friends by clicking the “Ask” button – this will post a Cookbook Tip on your wall announcing your friends that you’re trying to master a specific dish. If your neighbors decide to help, your mastery level will increase. Please have in mind, though, that you can only ask for help from your neighbors once per day!

All in all, this new Cafe World feature is simply amazing and will certainly make the game more complex, especially since Zynga also added some icons next to the dishes letting us know which is their country of origin and promising that more features related to that will be introduced soon!

Are you happy with the introduction of the cookbook mastery in the game?