Today, after checking out the cookbook in Cafe World with the introduction of the cooking mastery, I realized that Zynga has also updated the Specialty button that still appears to be locked. However, if you click that button you will see an image similar to that to the left (click to enlarge!), teasing an upcoming feature, the Specialty Cookbooks.

Soon you will be able to unlock specialty cookbooks from around the world by mastering themed dishes. Pick dishes wisely because what you cook matters!

The message above follows the Specialty Cookbooks info and at the moment is everything we have regarding this upcoming Cafe World feature. However, we can anticipate what it will all be about: there are wight countries Zynga gets recipes from at the moment, each having at least a couple of dishes in the cookbook. Most likely, by mastering a specific number of dishes from a specific country will make you a country specialist, which will further grant you access to other, better recipes. Or at least that’s how I’d do it if I were a game developer.

Most likely we’ll see in the near future the exact details of the Speciality Cookbooks, but one thing is clear: they’re already exciting and I’m glad that Cafe World finally took a turn to the right direction!