If you’re one of the Mafia Wars players who have lost their secret code for the Central Mainframe then you’ll be happy to read about this new update. Right after the downtime, players can ask for another code in game.

Click on the Enter Code button of the Central Mainframe. There you can retrieve another code if you lost your previous one. By doing so, you’ll forfeit your bonus for this week. You might not get this week’s bonus but at least you can access the Central Mainframe for the weeks to come.

And because of the downtime, Zynga announced that the Paris Challenge Mission will be extended for 12 more hours. Players still have the chance to get the DaVinci Q415, which has ATK 63 DEF 103 stats. Hopefully that’s enough time to complete Paris.

Zynga listened to the players’ demands for easier Secret Code access. Hopefully they have fixed the other glitches during the downtime. This should silence Zynga’s critics who kept on saying that the company is deaf to the complaints of its players.

Be sure to keep your secret code this time. You can copy/paste the code into a txt file and save it. That way you would not lose it again.