Just Cause ImageJust Cause developers Avalanche Studios have decided to break the silence on their two-year secret project to Edge Magazine, where a nice eight-page preview of the game is hosted. Named AionGuard, Avalanche’s title is considered “the closest any game has got to recreating the cinematography of the Lord Of The Rings films.” Sounds quite impressive!

According to the developers, AionGuard is an action-adventure title set in a fantasy universe: “like God Of War, but it’s a lot more open and you have lots more choice in how to tackle these situations. We’re not making an RPG, this isn’t about going to the woods and grinding,” said Odd Ahlgren, the game’s narrative director.

It also appears that the game will be strongly focused on the use of magic instead of classic weaponry, which is always a great thing. Add to that the fact that players will actually be able to ride dragons (and probably take part in epic fights) and you’ll have a few reasons to keep visiting us for more details on the title. Because, since the developers don’t have a publisher for the game and it’s considered a “very long-term project,” it will pass some time until we’ll be able to actually play it.