ps3I believe it’s been several months already since analysts started to say that Sony will “soon” cut the prices of their PlayStation 3 consoles and, even though the manufacturers always said “No,” the analysts didn’t stop. Eventually, this might have a negative influence on Sony – if they keep saying that PS3s must be cheaper, people will believe than and stop buying, forcing the company to actually lower the prices. Which would be strange (and probably unlikely, too – but still possible).

However, speculation aside, there is a new voice in town claiming that PlayStation 3 console prices should be toned down a bit and, unlike other voices who simply predicted after a quick glimpse at their crystal balls, this one has a solution. A rather interesting one, too.

I’m talking about Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey who said: “We think the company needs to reduce the current price by $100 to effectively restart unit velocity at retail. We are also hearing continued speculation that Sony is working on a non-Blu-ray PS3 console, which could enable them to make the aforementioned hardware price reduction”.

And this is a rather interesting point of view: PS3 consoles without Blu-ray discs. This could indeed make the consoles cheaper but… would Sony do something like that? Eventually they might, as “experts” keep saying that they have to cut the prices and soon the market will agree completely: the crawling economy ain’t helping at all, either.