After sharing with you the guide to Dead Rising 2’s combo cards I have decided to create a top of the 5 best items you can use in the game as weapons – these are my favorite ones and not necessary the easiest to use or obtain, but certainly some of the best fun providers. So check out the best 5 Dead Rising 2 weapons below:

A basic chainsaw – what could be fun about it? Well… simply get your hands on one and start making zombie origami and you’ll know. Easy to get, easy to use and extremely effective!

Tons of fun using this one, especially if there are tons of zombies around. Simply throw the bait, take cover and wait for the PP points to flood the screen. And the blood!

Snowball Cannon
It’s like Madame Tousaud’s, but it’s not celebrities there, it’s zombies and it’s not wax, but ice. Freeze the freaks and enjoy the silence for a second. Then blow them to millions of pieces in an instant. Brain Freezers anyone?

It can get extremely messy and heads will be rolling around like bowling balls, so you must definitely try out this crazy combo – you won’t regret a thing!

Spiked Bat
My favorite – a trustworthy friend when it comes to meele combat. And you gotta love them spikes who tend to stick to zombie heads…

What are your favorite Dead Rising 2 weapons?