Combo Cards in Dead Rising 2 represent a really awesome way for you to get some extra Prestige Points and maybe be able to combine some weapons you haven’t thought of already. In this article I will share with you a complete guide to Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards, including where to find the Combo Cards for those I have already found (duh!). You can also help us complete this guide by posting in the comment section below the locations of new Combo Cards in Dead Rising 2.

Please note: You don’t actually need the combo cards in order to combine the weapons, so prepare for an entire arsenal below!

1. Air Horn Combo Card: Combine Pylon and Spray Paint. Where to find: Give Kathy a toy.
2. Auger Combo Card: Combine Pitchfork and Drill Motor.
3. Beam Sword Combo Card: Flashlight and Jewelry. Where to find: in the Mall.
4. Beer Hat Combo Card: Combine Worker’s hat and bottle of beer. Where to find: Simply level up to level 21.
5. Blambow Combo Card: Combine Bow and Arrow and Dynamite.
6. Boomstick Combo Card: Combine Pitchfork and Shotgun (ouch!)
7. Driller Combo Card: Combine Power Drill and Spear. Where to find: Level up to Level 24.
8. Drill Bucket Combo Card: Combine Power Drill and Bucket.
9. Dynameat Combo Card: Combine meat and Dynamite (you really must try this one out!)
10. Electric Chair Combo Card: Combine Electric Chair and Battery. Where to find: Level up to Lvl 15.
11. Exsanguinator Combo Card: Combine Vacuum and Sawblades.
12. Fire Spitter Combo Card: Combine Toy Spitball Gun and Tiki TOrch
13. Flamethrower Combo Card: Combine a water gun and a gasoline canister.
14. Fountain Lizard Combo Card: Combine Lizard Mask and Fountain Firework
15. Gem Blower: Combine Jewelry (gems) and the Leaf Blower
16. Hacker: Combine a Flashlight with a Computer Case. Where to get: Level up to Lvl. 12.
17. Hail Mary Combo Card: Combine American Football and Grenades
18. Heliblade: Combine Toy Helicopter and Machete. Where to get: Level up to Lvl 20
19. Holy Arms: Combine Sword and Nails.
20. I.E.D.: Combine Nails and Propane Tank.
21. Infernal Arms: Combine Sword and Motor Oil.
22. Parablower: Combine Parasol and Leaf Blower
23. Molotov: Combine Whiskey Bottle and Paper
24. Pole Weapon Combo Card: Combine Machete and Push Broom
25. Power Guitar Combo Card: Combine Electric Guitar and Amplifier
26. Rocket Launcher Combo Card: Combine Rocket Fireworks and Lead Pipe.
27. Snowball Cannon Combo Card: Combine Fire Extinguisher and Water Gun
28. Spear Launcher: Combine Leaf BLower and Spear
29. Spiked Bat Combo Card: Combine Nails and Baseball Bat
30. Sticky Bomb Combo Card: Combine Lawn Dart and Dynamite.
31. Super BFG Combo Card: Combine BFG and Amplifier
32. Tenderizers Combo Card: Combine MMA Gloves and Nails.

Do you know anything about other Combo Cards in Dead Risign 2? Please share the knowledge in the comment section below!