A first patch has been already released for Civilization 5 and, even though it brings in no major changes to the gameplay, it does fix some Civilization 5 problems and crashes, plus various other issues the game has. Apparently, the Civilization 5 patch goes only for the Steam version of the game. Below is the complete changelist:

– Modding – Installer and permissions fixes. Should address any remaining mod download and install issues.
– Full screen crash fix. Game will now restart in Windowed mode if it cannot find a suitable full-screen resolution on first start.
– Hall of Fame now records data correctly when using a Windows username with special characters.
– Fix for Puppet State production exploit.
– Misc crash fixes.

Hopefully a next update will have a bit more changes to the core gamplay and fix the remaining issues. Still, it’s nice to see that the developers are working to deliver us the best possible Civilization 5 experience!