Piracy can generate huge amounts of income, and that’s exactly what it did to an English man who reportedly managed to cash in about $300,000 (£180,000) from selling illegally copied games, films and music at computer fairs or over the internet – all of these costing the industry more than $1.5 Million. Before even considering going to the other side of the law, note this: he was caught and handed a three-years jail sentence.

The fun part is that the pirate, Steven Raymond Adams enjoyed the high life and was even featured in a health and fitness article in English tabloid The Sun, where he bragged about spending £10,000 (about $15.000) on extensive weight-loss surgery for him and his girlfriend. Well, he had the money, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, they were all illegal.

And, as illegal things are not made to last, on November 21 he was sent to court where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to spend three years in jail. His girlfriend and pirate colleague also received a one year long vacation in prison, and I am sure this will make them now to think twice before trying to illegally duplicate a disc.