William Sworin Announces First Project, Silas

William Sworin Announces First Project, Silas

pic6Indie developer William Sworin has announced the first project, a kart racing/shooter hybrid named Silas. The game plans to revolutionize the kart genre which hasn’t changed much in the last decade, and it does have a few strong points to help it achieve that goal.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Silas delivers 12 diverse environments and 8 different arenas to race in and wreak havoc using one of the 18 different weapons, all with two fire modes. So yes, the numbers seem impressive!

The game has both single and multi player modes, with the single player delivering Grandprix, V.S, Mission, and Time Trial modes, while if you go online you can battle against up to 11 other players and track your performance on the game’s leaderboards. The multiplayer of Silas delivers seven modes, like Deathmatch, CTF, Battle, Survival, and Capture the Pipes and more.

Silas is scheduled to hit the marked this August and, from what I can tell, it does promise a lot of quality time!