Run Cow Run! Now Available

Run Cow Run! Now Available

The new action mobile game from Bengigi StudioRun Cow Run! is now live for android and apple systems.

Playing as a desperate cow who’s about to be eaten, your mission is to run as much as you can for your life. In the way you should free other animals, dodge obstacles and collect rewards. This game is a satiric title that makes humor out of something that is so cruel, yet so normal for people – eating meat, killing animals. During your escape you’ll need to outrun the obsessive farmer, who won’t let you go. In your way you’ll find many caged animals, save them from a certain death. There’s rewards awaiting for you too, collecting coins and unlocking powers are two of the possibilities. To defeat the farmer you will require some help, perhaps a brave ox is an excellent option to complete the mission.

If you’re looking for an entertaining game that will surely make you laugh, this should be part of your gaming list.

Watch the trailer here: