surprise-spy-updateIt appears that not only The Sims 3 was leaked on torrents today, but also an interesting video from an upcoming Team Fortress 2 update: the Team Fortress 2 Spy cinematic video, which presents, obviously, the spy character in Valve’s shooter.

Apparently, the upcoming Sniper Class update will also include this Spy update, which will add two new items to the characters: the “Dead Ringer” Spy Watch (basically making you look dead to the enemy, even though you are alive) and the “Cloak and Dagger” Spy Watch which will certainly be a joy for campers since it allows spies to remain invisible as long as they stand still. I’m sure this item will generate a lot of buzz but, hey! Life is life!

Now check out the fun Spy cinematic video below and remember to check back to find out more about this upcoming and surprise Spy update for Team Fortress 2: