sniper-update-team-fortress2With the upcoming update for Team Fortress 2, Valve is planning to offer the Sniper a chance to become competitive in hand to hand combat, too, and they’re giving him… a bow! The Huntsman, to be more specific, a weapon that has the chance to become a true fans’ favorite.

The first and most important reason is that the Sniper will be able now, thanks to the Huntsman, to pin enemies against walls, score a critical shot for all headshots, while full power shots only need one second to charge. So, yes, we can agree that the Sniper will now become better at close-range combat.

And if you are one of those people who consider that maybe Valve are exaggerating a bit with the introduction of bows and arrows in Team Fortress 2, the devs have the answer: these weapons are the only cause for the extinction of dinosaurs. Yup… can’t argue with that impressive logic, can we?