How to Buy Property & Safe Houses in GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5)

One of the biggest questions that GTA fans have right now on their lips is how to buy property in GTA 5 and, even more important, how to buy a safe house in Grand Theft Auto 5. We are here to clear everything out if we can so you can fully understand what’s happening. And even though buying property in GTA 5 is at the moment vased on suppositions, there are facts too!

In order to get access to buying property in Grand Theft Auto 5, you need to complete in-game missions. Trevor is the main man here and one of his missions will unlock the first property in the game.

In order to but property in GTA 5, you need access to the internet and visit some websites: Lenny Averry is the place where you can buy business and Dynasty 8 is the place where you can buy safe houses in the game.

But here is where things get a bit confusing: many players, including hardcore ones who already completed the game, claim that there is no option of buying safe houses in Grand Theft Auto V and always the Dynasty 8 website is in maintenance mode. Others claim, with screenshots, that you can purchase safe houses from Lenny Averry too:

And there’s also an early map of property locations:

Early official info tells us that there are 21 safe houses available for purchase in GTA 5, but apparently you can’t buy safehouses in the single player mode, but only in multiplayer. That’s when the Dynasty 8 website will become live and active. Until then, you can buy property for huge chunks of cash and have them make more money for you.

So, has anybody managed to buy safehouses (not property, which is obviously available in single player through Lenny Avery)? If so, how did you unlock the option?


  1. The Lenny Avery ones are for a mission. You have to knock down all the for sale signs down out the front

  2. I’ve been playing single player for the last 36 hours (not straight!) and although insanely fun, I’ve neglected the online side of things.

    I have barely any money – so wanted to begin purchasing businesses. Lenny Averry only seems to sell Safe houses, and Dynasty8 is always offline.

    Not sure what’s going on with that. I thought it was just a problem with me and where I was in the game – but if other people are having the same problem.. I’ll have to look into it more.


    • I saved all my money until the end and traded stocks while doing assassination missions, I got over $200,000,000

    • I invested in the right stocks with the lesters mission and made a billion dollars

    • I you use the money glitch

  3. Just take a deep breath, get your big boy pants ready and hop online with a few like-minded friends who just wanna comb the map. Everything is gonna be okay

  4. Yes you CAN buy safe-houses using the dynasty site but only one GTA Online has been launched. Quit blaming rockstar for this they made it very obvious before the game was launched that the safe-houses were only available in online mode. The lenney site is only for the mission.

  5. sooo WTF IS THE POINT. I have millions all properties only have room to store 5 autos. now what.
    Online is just punks getting away with being punks. I play for 30 min was killed and robbed by two different diks and 2 cars stolen ooooh fuun.

    • I agree, the online is pretty bad with all your feedom to roam taken by a 12 year old with a bad temper. Why the f can’t you buy safe houses in story mode? Especially when you want to get to your business that is on the other side of the map. Gta San Andreas is better.

    • Because you’re lame…

  6. It is possible to buy safehouses in single player….

    (Story time…..)
    I was free roaming with Trevor,around the golf club near Michael’s mansion.Initially,I was looking forward the Celebrity Items,when UNINTENTIONALLY,my minimap flashes.Guess what?A RANDOM EVENT…
    This guy,wearing a nice suit,standing in front of the gate of a mansion nearby.I aproached him,triggered a cutscene,skipped it,a Notification pops up told me that I can destroy every Lenny Avery sign in front of random properties around North Los Santos to help the guy,just like finding Celebrity Items for the old couple.
    At THE SAME TIME,I received an email from Dynasty 8,containing a polite advertisement to BUY PROPERTIES in Dynasty 8.
    So I pulled out the in-game smartphone,went to Dynasty 8 in-game website only to find out THAT I CAN BUY ANY PROPERTIES PROVIDED BY DYNASTY 8……

    Just try it…

    • Yo GraveDigger! I also destroyed all signs, then i get the call from Josh and i did his mission. After i passed i didnt get an email from Dynasty 8 and didnt hear anything from this Josh again. Site from dynaste and Lenny Avery are still not working for me. Did you get the email right away?

    • To LTON,
      Yep,I hopped onto my car after I skipped the cutscene,the guy yelled “LENNY…AVERY….” as I drove away,the autosave icon disappeared,and DING!!! I got the e-mail….

    • What if I’m past that part? And can you describe a more precise location?

    • I did but it said dynasty 8 is under construction

  7. Allright thanks for your response GraveDigger, i havent been to that part i think. Last “mission” i had for Josh was when i needed to drive up his home and he snitched me to the cops. Something still coming after that?

  8. Yo Jack, the dude is lyin, it is not possible to buy safehouses offline!

  9. Lenny avery only has the get directions option, and not the purchase property option, I watched the official single player gameplay video from rockstar and it shows the purchase property option in dynasty which is a bit weird.

    • Hey guys i have more than 2,000,000,000 and i want to buy a house in single player can u pls tell me how ? Thx

  10. If you are needing room to store autos, you can buy businesses such as the garage in san andreas which is the closest thing to a safe house you can get in single player because you can store cars there and save your game. If it is saving you want to buy houses for just use the cell phone and click the icon
    | or similar to that, it autosaves your game and you can resume at that point.

  11. All the proprties all for sale houses

  12. I walked up to a for sale sign and bought that? I mean, think smarter not harder.

  13. So here’s what’s going on. Dynasty 8 is for online GTA 5 only, and Lenny Avory is for a story mode mission for Trevor. For those who don’t remember, the mission that you use that website for, is where Trevor has to help the real estate agent whose has just had a falling out with another real estate, destroy all of his signs so he won’t make any sales. This other agents name is Lenny Avory. You must go to Lenny’s realty website, locate all of his for sale properties on there, go to them, and destroy the signs. That site isn’t to but houses. It is only to aid you on that mission.

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