Grand Theft Auto V made Rockstar Games over a billion dollars after only three days on the shelf. New figures released by the company suggest that this murderous installement in the series could be taking one of the most iconic games ever into its crosshairs.

Rockstar has released shipping figures that, if sold, would have GTA V poised to overtake the soviet designed Tetris, on the all-time best seller list. With a reported 32.5 million copies now in circulation the game is rapidly approaching the 35 million copies of Tetris sold for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color. The classic game still manages to sit firmly in the top five, best sellers. Tetris and Super Mario Bros. – which holds firmly onto the number two spot –are the only games in the top 14 produced before the turn of the millennium. It’s important to point out that there is a difference in Rockstar reporting the number of copies shipped as opposed to games actually sold. There could still be a significant margin to go in sales before the gap can be closed further.

The fall of the Gameboy classic may be inevitable as GTA builds on an already impressive repertoire. With gaming being a multi-billion dollar industry and continued hype around the latest installment of the GTA series, Tetris may just not stack up.