hoi3Although it’s not one of these series which will ever become extremely popular, the Hearts of Iron strategy games have always given hardcore strategy fans some solid gameplay and lots of micromanagement options to keep them busy for quite a while. The same will happen with the third title in the series – and you can take an early look at all that!

You can do that by taking part in the Hearts of Iron 3 beta stage, which is rapidly approaching release: after the last few months saw the development team stabilizing the foundations of the AI, tightening up the rules and mechanics of the game, along with implementing new artwork and interface features, it will soon be the time to test everything.

Johan Andersson, Lead Developer on Hearts of Iron III, specifies what they are looking for in Beta Testers: “We require keen, enthusiastic gamers who are willing to give up a few hours a week to play a Beta version of the game and provide feedback to us on what they think. We want people to play it and tell us what they see. We want them to try and break the game in order for us to fix it and to test out our new advanced AI system to make the computer opponent better.”

If you’re a fan of these complex strategy game and you’re willing to take part in the Beta Stage, visit the Hearts of Iron 3 official website and give it a go!