go-play-circusMajesco is preparing the release of a new entertaining title in the Go Play brand of Wii games: Go Play Circus Star. Featuring a full collection of all-time favorite circus attractions, the game will let platyers wow the crowds with death defying stunts, animal tricks and sleight of hand in 15 different events – all fully taking advantage of the Wii’s motion sensitive controller.

Go Play Circus Star will also support Wii Balance Board, for added realism (or just for fun – who knows?). The thing we know for sure is that players choose from a range of circus performers and fabulous costumes before stepping into the arena to perform for the fans in aerial, animal and other classic circus events, including: Trapeze, Amazing Silks, Big Cat Taming, Rola Bola, Pony Dancing, Mile-High Stunt Diver, Knife Throwing and Juggling.

The more daring and death-defying the tricks, the more money you can earn as you win over the cheering crowd. Amazing performances will unlock additional events and new venues as you follow your circus career all the way to the Las Vegas Stadium. In other words, Go Play Circus Star promises to be a fun game for both family and friends. But how long we’ll have to wait until we’ll be able to play it, we have no idea, as Majesco did not announce a release date.