Yoghuret Escape is a relatively simple and very short escape the room game that can be played for free here. However, since a walkthrough can never hurt, I have found one for Yoghuret Escape and decided to share it with you in case you get stuck while playing the game. So here is the Yoghuret Escape Walkthrough:

Click the cactus pot and get the KEY
Go right
Click the bathroom door handle
Get the PAPER from next to the very dirty looking toilet
Back up and go right
Get the SAW from the shelf
Click the trashcan for the NAILS and TAPE
Go right
Click the handles of the phone cabinet
You will automatically use the key
Get the PAPER and HAMMER
Turn around to the table
Click the chair to get WOOD PLANKS
Go left to the door
Click both papers in your inventory to see them
Enter the number code into the door panel
Click the button — it light will turn blue if you have it correct
Solution below
Click the door to leave

Door Code
One paper says A5, B1, C5, D1. The other paper has a grid. If you look at column A line 5, the letter is E. B1 is O. C5 is P. D1 is S. But you need numbers. Mentally, flip the letters EOPS upside down for (3092)

Thanks a lot to kitkatfox on EG24 for creating this great walkthrough!