Strange Hotel Escape is a free to play escape the room game that can be played for free here. However, since the game is not one of the easiest escape the room games you have ever played, you will most likely get stuck somewhere and a walkthrough would come in handy. Fortunately, it just happens that I have that for you, so check out the Strange Hotel Escape walkthrough below and enjoy the game!

Click the picture for a clue (click the bottom middle of the frame for more info)
Turn right
Click the window curtains to find a second clue
Go left and then down
Enter the code and hit enter: 1492
You are now in the hallway looking at door 418
Go left
Get the screwdriver from behind the plant
Go right 2 times
Click the ICE door
Click the black change return door on the POP machine for a quarter
Go back to the hall
Go right and click the EXIT door to the stairs
Note the panel on the wall needs a colored code
Go down once
Back up to go into the new hall
Go left to room 299’s door (needs white key)
Click the bottom of the blue tablecloth on the serving tray for the silver key
Go right 2 times to the stairs
Go upstairs once and back up to the hall
Go left
Use the silver key to enter the ladies room
Use the screwdriver on the gray toilet paper holder
Back up and go right to the stairs
Now go down twice and back up into the hall
Go all the way left to the reception desk
Use the quarter on the newspaper box for the blue key
Turn the panels on the back wall correctly to get the black key: stair panels, all up
Go all the way right and enter the stairs
Go up one floor and back up to the hall
Go left 2 times to room 217 and use the black key
Go right
Click the curtains to find another hint
Go left
Enter the color code into the suitcase on the left wall and hit the switch to open it
Get the goggles: TV, BlueRedYellowGreen
Back up and the go right to room 299
Use the white key to enter
Go right
Open the curtains for another hint
Open the bottom left drawer under the TV for the pocket knife
Go left
Use the screwdriver to remove the picture from the wall
Enter the numbers and click the striped switch for the first blue crystal
windows: 837
Back up and go right
Go upstairs and enter the colors into the panel
Get the second blue crystal
chairs: BRGBGR
Go downstairs 2 levels and back up
Go left
Use the knife on the tear in the left green chair for the third blue crystal
Use the blue key to enter the pool area
Go right
Use the goggles for the gold key in the water
Go left and use the gold key on the left door
Put the crystals into the slots in the machine so the green light comes on
Back up 2 times and go left to the doors out by the reception desk
Click the doors to escape!

Thanks to kitkatfox on eg24 for the Strange Hotel Escape walkthrough!